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  1. transcoding, bearing switching and media control-H323
    connection (barrer) control plane
  2. for switching logic control plain what is the connection protocols
    MGCP and SGCP
  3. signaling and call control, end to end voice services
    call control plane
  4. IN Service Logic, AAA, Address resolution
    service plane
  5. route voice and data calls between the PSTN and packet networks.
    Cisco PGW2200
  6. Since it take advantage of SS7 what are the control protocls that it takes advantage of
    MGCP, H.323, SIP
  7. is a carrier-class call agent that performs the signaling and call control tasks(such as digit analysis, routing, circuit selection, and more) within the PSTN gateway infrastructure.
    Cisco PGW2200
  8. PGW interconnect carrier class voip to pstn, name some other devices that it can talk to
    Media GW, H.323 client
  9. a switch thats hardare that is not dedicated
  10. whats must is a carier requirement to move from PSTN to IP
    • the signaling must move
    • (SS7 and ISDN dont work)
  11. what is not suitable with PSTN signaling
  12. which a lost packet causes undue delay of delivery of subsequent packets to the application.
    head of line blocking
  13. what is needed for PSTN latency requirements
    message delimiter and push operations
  14. what is vunerable to DoS attacks
  15. who made SCTP
  16. what protocol is an extension of SS7
  17. but uses an Internet Protocol (IP) transport called Stream Control Transmission Protocol
  18. is used to carry PSTN signaling over IP
  19. Message orientated
    error free data transfer
    out of order delivery
  20. in which multiple user messages can be bundled and sent as one SCTP packet across the network. This provides efficiency
  21. by introducing the concept of an association between endpoints.
  22. can provide its peer with a list of transport addresses (multiple IP addresses) through which it can be
    reached and from which it originates packets.
    SCTP endpoint
  23. resistance to some DoS attacks
  24. control for in band signaling
  25. The ISDN signaling information needs to be transported (also known as backhaul) to the WHAT?? for call processing
  26. the GW terminates Q.921 and backhauls Q.931 to
  27. IUA supports what boundary primitives
  28. to help Layer Management modules manage the SCTP association(s) between the
    SG and MGC
  29. SG maintains the availability and active/inactive state of all
  30. box can resolve vendor incompatibility by designing and development interworking functions (IWF)
    Session Border Control (SBC)
  31. Designed for VOIP peering of two or more networks
    Session Border Controller (SBC)
  32. SBCs are conceived with the following interworking functions (IWF)
    • IP address and port translations
    • Billing and CDR normalization
    • VoIP security (NAT traversal, LI,Authentication, and so on)
    • Media interworking to resolve codec,DTMF-RELAY, and FAX issues
    • QoS and bandwidth management
    • Rich signaling and application interworking
    • Consistency with VoIP protocols
  33. Where you can find SBC fuctionality
    • Standalone SBC
    • Routing devices
    • Media gateways
    • Security devices
  34. what type of applications are these
    business voice services and features
    site-to-site voice calls over IP networks
    Public Switched Telephone network (PSTN) access
    unified messaging
    advanced IP services such as instant messaging and presence-enabled networks
    Enterprise Voice over IP (VoIP)
  35. Enterprise applications must be ran on what
    regular phone, a soft phone running on a pc or a cell phone.
  36. taking off it off the PSTN you save on long-distance charges by using extra bandwidth on their data network without losing existing functionality.
    Toll bypass
  37. where is toll bypass used
    between their intraoffice (branch and HQ)
  38. by putting a softphone on a pc can increase what
  39. enables businesses to put a link on their websites that automatically places a call from a customer service representative to a customer.
    Click 2 call
  40. provides integration between traditional phone services with application sharing and H.323-based video conferencing.
    Microsoft netmeeting
  41. provides the look and feel of a traditional handset, with the added functionality of IP connectivity.
    Cisco IP Phone
  42. extends the handset functionality onto the PC with a graphical user interface that provides the same functionality as the handset and integrates with other multiservice applications such as web browsing, Microsoft Netmeeting, or directory services based on Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).
    Cisco PC based Soft Phone
  43. using these drive what
    video communication
    collaboration tools
    presence-aware services
    Wi-Fi-enabled phones
    Better voice quality using wideband codecs
    driving productivity
  44. proving more relalistic sound quality
    Wideband Codecs
  45. Instead of 4 kHz sampling, use 16 kHz sampling
    This allows transmissions offrequencies up to 8 kHz without high network demand
    Wideband Codecs
  46. is a wideband codec defined by ITU.
  47. is an adaptive multirate codec with a bit rate between 6 and 23.85 kbps.
  48. from Global IP Sound is another wideband codec with a variable transmission rate between 10 and 32 kbps.
    also robust against packet loss.
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