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  1. History and memory support one another
    • Baker precedes on a journey to unravel past of parents
    • Genia relies on Baker = gaps in memory, relied on history
    • figurative + objective language + documents = historical support for flawed memory
    • *** memory also fills in history
    • failed to provide Yossl's "exact date of birth", he says that he was "born sometime in the month of March"
    • --> both integrate = build to more accurate
  2. Memory captures life history fails to
    • memory plays significiant part history fails to
    • Genia "hiding in darkness"
    • metaphorically symbolizes = haunting memories that became distorted due to burdened minds of past
    • = difficult for Baker to immerse himself
    • "pitch black" repetition
    • juxtaposes non emotional history with sensory imagery
    • Judith W's poem "A Document" recounts the historical event of signing a contract for deforestation
    • first line = anonymous voice/impersonal imperative "sign there" = devoid of personal
    • "a flesh-pink plaint wood" "bark smells sweetly"
    • alliteration + sensory = specific features history misses out
  3. History is objective, memory is subjective
    • clash between two when Yossl informs ...
    • "it was cold. Winter"
    • "it was warm. Autumn"
    • concise sentences + caesura = confidence of what both believe
    • as notions clash = memory's fallibility
    • Yossl = cold from fear = altering memory = believe to be winter
    • opposing ideas --> understand that memory is personal interpretation, history is valid truth
  4. History needs memory to recall more accurately
    • Baker = historian = cold
    • "I only recognise suffering in numbers and lists and not in the... please of a human being"
    • highly emotive = brutality of past history doesnt catch
    • first person = personally delivers explanation of holocaust in a way dry historical discourse cant
    • onamatopoeia = "tak tak tak" "left.right.left"
    • = brings life to historical documentation
    • ---> h&m enlighten on past events in a way it alone could not "It's perspective I value"
  5. History needs memory to recall accurately - Related Text
    • contrasting perspectives of history and memory, benefit of understanding both
    • = first stanza "I signed"
    • = short succinct = history's view
    • throughout stanzas, slowly unravel memory's view
    • last stanza = "I set upon this land my signature"
    • juxtaposing history's bland view
    • metaphorical language = memory's facet of event
    • understanding both = more extensively educates
  6. Alone or together can not fully capture the past
    • as resourceful as the combiation are, still does not seem to obtain full capacity of past
    • "gates" = chapters
    • each gate = more knowledge
    • archive = "fiftieth gate...refers to...the highest knowledge of God"
    • Jewish mysticism = cannot retain totality of event
    • "it always begins in darkness, until the first light illuminates a fragment of memory"
    • = cyclical --> limitless capacity of knowledge
    • ---> even together, can not understand fully past event
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