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  1. darkness of science compared to nature
    • Romantic period - introduce
    • elements in "inanimate nature had the power" to deliver to Fr. the "most delightful sensations"
    • positive tone
    • contrast - Gothic context - macabre imagery of...
    • dark side of science
    • Fr's obsession --> "darkness had no effect" "churchyward was to me... merely bodies deprived of life"
    • juxtaposition of language
    • dangerous potential of science
  2. detrimental impact of man's greed
    • capitalist context of 1800's - claustrophobic, coca cola, fighting for consumers' attention, dystopic, post-apocalyptic
    • "commerce is our goal"
    • dark clothing - neon lights = overreliance on tech
    • replicants and humans somehow connected to tech = commodification of natural world to keep up with everchanging artificial
    • desaturated colour = life run by tech
  3. what it is to be human
    • similar view points, different context
    • fr = lack of care for monster
    • monster = "miserable...abandoned" like an "abortion to be...trampled on"
    • fr more emotional capacity
    • BR = "skinjobs""more human than human"
    • confusion of what makes human identity in a world run by technology
    • zhora's death = sad, non-diagetic music + heartbeat
    • hopelessness and determination to live = human characteristic
    • questions essence of humanity
  4. overrliance on technology leads to corrupt values of humanity
    • tyrell = glasses = impaired vision = symbolize his corrupt perspective
    • owl = malfunctioned eye = result of man's flawd perspective
    • = effect of scientific advancement
  5. replacement of God
    • post christian context of 1800s = man replaces God
    • tyrell = "god of biomechanics" "prodigal son"
    • world is being overrun by corporation and technology
    • God is being replaced with " " " "
  6. man usurping role of God
    • Fr man usurps not technology
    • Galvanisitic = "bestow animation upon lifeless matter"
    • hyperbolic language = unnatural authority of Victor and ignorance in playing god
    • interxtually --> promethean myth
    • Both composers warn on obsessions with science and playing god
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