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  1. acronym MTM
    Medication Therapy Mangement (MTM)
  2. What is medication therapy management?
    Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a distinct service or group of services that optimizes therapeutic outcomes for individual patients. MTM services are independent of, but can occur in conjunction with, the provision of a medication product.
  3. How can MTM improves patient care?
    The impact of medication-related problems can be minimized by using a structured service model design for MTM and by pharmacists working collaboratively with the patient's physician, the patient, and his or her other healthcare providers. Pharmacists can improve patien care through MTM by identifying, prioritizing, and resolving medication-related problems; actively collaborating; and empowering patients to take an active role in medication and healthcare self-management.
  4. Overall goals of MTM
    MTM seeks to enhance patient care by improving collaboration among pharmacists, physicians, and other healthcare professionals; enhancing communication between patients and their healthcare team; and empowering patients to optimize medication use for improved healthcare outcomes.
  5. 4 potential impacts of MTM services on the healthcare system
    • 1. improves patient outcomes
    • 2. prevents medication error
    • 3. patient medication self-management
    • 4. continuing patient's self-care
  6. Who may potentially benefit from MTM services?
    Any patient using prescription, nonprescription, herbal products, and other dietary supplements could potentially benefit from MTM services, especially if medication-related problems are discovered or suspected.
  7. SEVEN groups of patients who may benefit the most from MTM
    • 1. have experienced transitions of care
    • 2. have changed medication regiment
    • 3. have multiple chronic conditions or take multiple medications
    • 4. have a history of nonadherence
    • 5. have limited health literacy
    • 6. want to reduce healthcare costs
  8. What are the FIVE core elements of services provided by pharmacists in the MTM Service Model?
    • 1. medication therapy review
    • 2. personal medication record
    • 3. medication-related action plan
    • 4. intervention and/or referral
    • 5. documentation & follow-up
  9. Medication Therapy Review
    • A systematic process of
    • 1. collecting patient-specific information
    • 2. assessing medication therapies to identify medication-related problems
    • 3. developing a prioritized list of medication-related problems
    • 4. creating a plan to resolve them.
  10. Personal Medication Record
    A comprehensive record of the patient's medications (prescription & nonprescription medications, herbal products, and other dietary supplements).
  11. Medication-Related Action Plan
    A patient-centric document containing a list of actions for the patient to use in tracking progress for self-managment.
  12. Intervention and/or Referral
    Consultatives services and pharmacist interventions to address medication-related problem. When necessary, the pharmacist refers the patient to a physician or otherhealth care professional.
  13. Documentation & Follow-Up
    MTM services are documented and communicated to the prescriber and patient in a consistent manner, and a follow-up MTM visit is scheduled based on the patient's medication-related needs, or the patient is transitioned from one care setting to another.
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