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  1. History of female confinement.
    In 1800s shared prisons with men. Did the women duty, cleaning and cooking, sexual favors for male guards.
  2. When and what was the first female confinement?
    Mt. Pleasant in 1835.
  3. What was Mt. Pleasent?
    First female confinement. Huge cottege like buildidn with 40 rooms just for women.
  4. What was Indianapolis female prisona dn when was it formed?
    1873, first adult correctional system with all female employees, was the first maximum security prison for women.
  5. What was the medical model and when did it occur?
    1930-1970- was an easier sale of the concept.
  6. What and when was the restorative justice?
    1970-1980s- This is when the female prisons got more strict and women had to wear uniforms and were put in cells.
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