law and ethics ch 1 (phlebotomy)

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  1. Litigious
    prone to engate in lawsuits
  2. liability insurance
    insurance designed to cover a policyholder for acts or omissions for which he or she may be legally obligated
  3. medica malpractice
    medical professional misconduct, which differs form negligence because it is performed by a licensed medical professional
  4. risk management
    the practice of consideriing the risk of actions taken and taking steps to minimize the risk associated with them
  5. mental incapacity
    a condition in which a person lacks reasoning faculties to understand ordinary concerns or to act completently
  6. vicariously liable
    legally obligated in place of someone else
  7. respondeat superior
    an employer is vicariously liable for the behavior of an employee working within his or her scope of employment
  8. negligence
    failure to act with reasonable and prudent care
  9. agent
    one who has authority to act on behalf of another
  10. due care
    the duty to have adequate regard for another person
  11. independent contractor
    one who is self-employed, but working under someone for specific tasks
  12. procedures manual
    a reference handbook explaining the procedures to be followed when performing a task by which a legal right may be enforced.
  13. standard of care
    the degree of care that a reasonable person should exercise under the same or similar circumstances.
  14. layperson
    one who does not have training in a specific profession
  15. reasonable person
    a prudent person whose behavior would be considered appropriate under the circumstances.
  16. statutes or statutory guidelines
    legislative enactments defining legal rights and responsibilities
  17. scope of practice
    the boundaries of acceptable diagnosis and treatment by nurses, physicians, and a variety of mid-level medical professionals.
  18. mid-lever prpvoder
    a licensed medical professional who is not a physician, but rather one who extends the capability of a physician to provide care while providing limited diagnosis and treatment of patients
  19. registration
    placement of a name on a list as qualified for a profession; may require special testing or training
  20. certification
    a record of being qualified to perform certain acts after passing an examination given by an accredited professional organization
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