vocab week 1

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  1. Leukocytes
    white blood cells; assist with body defense
  2. Thrombocyte
    also known as blood platelets/ aids the blodd to clot
  3. pernicious anemia
    lack of mature RBC's caused by inability to absorb vitamin B12 ingo the body (B12 deficiency)
  4. Anemia
    deficiency in erythrocytes or hemoglobin (pt may appear pale and weak or tired)
  5. cholesterol test
    blood test used to assess the amount of lipids in the body
  6. capillary puncture
    method used to collect small amounts of blood from finger or from infant heel
  7. venipuncture
    method used to collect large amounts of venous blood
  8. oxygen
    necessary for cell metabolism
  9. carbon dioxide
    waste prduct
  10. antibody
    protein produced by WBC's in response to bacteria, viruses or other antigens
  11. bilirubin
    pigment in bile formed by the breakdown of hemoglobin when RBC's die
  12. Blood urea nitrogen(BUN)
    test used to measure the kidney's ability to excrete urea
  13. Pahology
    study of the nature & cause of disaease which involves changes in the structure & function
  14. formaldeyde
    preservative used to store tissue samples (you'll find this in your formalin jars where you put material to biopsy)
  15. Heparin
    anticoagulant drug
  16. blood transfusion
    whole blood or cells are taken from a donor and infused into the patient
  17. blood agar plate
    used for throat cultures
  18. erythrocytes
    red blood cells
  19. sedimentation rate
    test that measures the RBC's separate from plasma
  20. plasma
    the liquid portion of blood 90% water, it also contains protein, salts, nutrients, hormones, and vitamins
  21. hematocrit
    test to determine percentage fo RBC's in a colume of blood
  22. Gamma Globulin
    protein tht offers immunity to certain diseases
  23. prothrombin
    plama protein; converted to thrombin in the clotting process
  24. hemoglobin
    blood protein containg iron; carries oxygen in RBC's
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