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  1. Venustraphobia
    fear of beautiful women caused by low self esteem
  2. Anthropophobia
    fear of people
  3. Sociophobia
    fear of being judged by society
  4. Gamophobia
    fear of getting married
  5. Aphephobia
    fear of being touched
  6. Aerophobia
    • fear of drafts, air swallowing and airborn disease
    • they wear face masks in public
  7. Papyrophobia
    fear of paper
  8. Arithmophobia
    fear of numbers generally but, can also be fear of math, specific numbers, calculus
  9. Bathophobia
    fear of the deep
  10. Scriptophobia
    fear of writing
  11. Pedophobia
    fear of children
  12. transphobia
    fear of transsexual or transgender people
  13. injury phobia
    fear of being injured
  14. Altophobia
    fear of height
  15. claustrophobia
    fear of having no escape and being closed in a small space
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