Behavioral Block 4

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  1. What IQ level indicates mental retardation?
    below 70-75
  2. In order to be deemed mentally retarded what 3 conditions must be met?
    • 1- IQ below 70-75
    • 2- significant limitations in adaptive skills below 18 yo
    • 3-limitations in adaptive skills needed to survive
  3. If mental retardation is not diagnosed before 18, is it mental retardation?
    NO it has to be before 18
  4. Are IQ scores universal?
    no they are normalized for age groups
  5. What are the IQ scores for different severities of Mental retardation?
    • Mild--- 70 -50-learn social and vocational skills 80%
    • Moderate 35-50- learn SOME social and vocational sk
    • Severe 20-35- may need 24 hr supervision prevocational
    • Profound- 20 and below- NEED 24 hr supervision. may learn basic self care
  6. Pts with what MR may have insight that something is wrong?
    Mild- 50-70 IQ score
  7. Large % of MR pts suffer from what?
    comorbid conditions such as depression, psychotic disorders
  8. Most common environmental cause of MR is?
    Fetal alcohol syndrome
  9. IQ below what have an identifiable cause?
    below 50
  10. IQ's above what do not have an identifiable cause and may be multifactorial?
    above 50
  11. WHat are genetic disease that cause MR?
    • PKU
    • Down syndrome
    • Fragile X
  12. THe child has to miss what in order to diagnose mental retardation?
    developmental milestones
  13. How is separation anxiety treated?
    • CBT
    • SSRI- flovaxamine
  14. How is reactive attachment disorder treated?
    • providing the absent care
    • Psychotherapy
  15. Stereotypic movement disorder is commonly seen in what 2 conditions?
    • Mental Retardation
    • PDD-pervasive developmental disorder
  16. DIfferential reinforcement of other behavior is a way to treat what disorder?
    Stereotypic movement disorder
  17. what is the treatment for Stereotypical movement disorder?
    • behavioral therapy
    • typical and atypical antipsychotics
    • anti manics--valproic acid
    • SSRI-fluoxetine
  18. What is the black box warning placed by FDA on SSRI in use for separation anxiety disorder?
    that it causes suicide
  19. What is the age of diagnosis for ADHD?
    after 7 yo
  20. What are the 3 types of ADHD?
    • inattentive
    • hyperactive
    • combined
  21. In order to diagnose ADHD symptoms must be present where?
    at school and at home otherwise it is not ADHD and it is most likely discriminative stimulus
  22. ADHD is more prevalent in what gender?
  23. What is the etiology of ADHD?
  24. What are the genetic factors supporting the genetic cause of ADHD?
    • twin studies
    • pts suffer from other mood disorders
  25. Prenatal exposure to winter infections during the first trimester is thought to contribute to what disorder?
  26. Decreased frontal lobe volume and decreased utilization of glucose by the frontal lobes is seen in what disorder?
  27. stimulant medication for ADHD affect the levels of what 2 neurotransmitters?
    dopamine and norepinephrine
  28. Children with ADHD are at higher risk for developing what disorders?
    conduct disorder, antisocial personality, alcohol abuse
  29. How is ADHD different from Bipolar disorder?
    you dont see inattentiveness in Bipolar but you do in ADHD
  30. ADHD may be confused with what 2 disorders?
    • conduct disorder
    • bipolar disorder
  31. How long do the symptoms for ADHD have to be present for a diagnosis?
    6 symptoms for 6 months
  32. What are the 5 medications give for ADHD?
    • amphetamine
    • dextroamphetamine
    • methylphenidate
    • modofinil
    • amoxetine
  33. What medications are give for depression in ADHD?
    • Bupropion
    • Venlafexie
  34. Vulnerability to addictions relates to what?
    hypo-dopaminergic dysfunctional state in the reward system
  35. Drugs such as cocaine, amphetamine, nicotine all release what neurotransmitter?
  36. Ketamine acting on NMDA receptors produces what ?
  37. Is addiction and physical dependence the same?
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