cultural competency

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  1. Theory of racial, cultural, and ethnic diversity that applies to the demographic makeup of a specific place, usually at the scale of an organization, such a school, business, neighborhood, city, or nation
  2. Represents social groups with a shared history, sense of identity, geophgray, and cultural roots which make occur despite rasical difference
  3. Focuses more on a group's connection to a perceived past and culture
  4. arbitrarily assigned symbolic meanings
  5. mental processes, beliefs, knowledge, and values
  6. ASKED
    Awareness, skill, knowledge, encounters, desire
  7. Infant mortality rates are highest in:
    Blacks, American Indians, Alaskan Natives, and Hispanics
  8. Lung cancer incidence is higher in:
    black men
  9. Cervical cancer is higher in:
    Vietnamese women (5x), hispanic (elevated)
  10. Gay males are more at risk for what health problems compared to straight males?
    lung cancer and heart disease due to higher rates of smoking
  11. Five core ares for improvement (as dicated by the National Partnership for Action)
    • Awareness
    • Leadership
    • Health and Health system experiences
    • Cultural and linguistic competency
    • Coordination of research/evaluation
  12. appreciating and accepting differences
    cultural awareness
  13. deliberately seeking out various world views and explanatory models of disease
  14. cultural knowledge
  15. reducing resistance and defensivness
    cultural skill
  16. Lactose Intolerance
    Sub-Saharan Africans, Native Americans, Asians,
  17. Hispanics have a lower incidence for:
    breast, oral cavity, colorectal and urinary bladder cancer (although mortality rates are the same)
  18. Higher incidence of complications of diabetes
    African Americans
  19. Native American health problems
    DM, colon and rectal cancer, lactose intolerance
  20. Native Americans have a decreased risk for what?
    5 year survival rate for cervical cancer
  21. Vietnamese women have an increased risk for what?
    cervical cancer
  22. New immigrants have an increased incidence of what?
    heptaitis, intestinal parasites, and malaria
  23. Cambodians have an increased incidence for what?
    TB, Hep B, Intestinal parasites
  24. Chinese women have an increased risk for what?
    cancer of the lung, breast, colon, stomach, and pancreas
  25. highest mortality rates for cancers of breast, lungs, ovary and stomach; leukemia and NHL
    Pacific Islanders
  26. ETOH consumption
    Pacific Islanders
  27. Diseases of the digestive system
    Eastern European men
  28. MSS complaints
    Eastern European women
  29. Moxibustion
    Folk medical therapeutic burning used by East Africans
  30. Punishment from waaqa for sins a person has comitted
  31. fire-burning, herbal remedies, spell casting, and prayer
  32. Somalian tx for seizures
    herbs and reading from the Koran
  33. Somalian tx for stomaches/backaches
    herbal tea
  34. Somalian tx for Fever/HA/dizziness/weakness
  35. healing ceremony (reading the Koran, eating special foods, burning incense)
  36. Evil Eye
    Sub-Saharan Africans, Hispanics and Latinos
  37. disease is caused by imbalance between hot and cold principles
    hispanics and latinos
  38. hispanic remedy for: HTN and cough
  39. hispanic remedy for: nausea, gas, colic, anxiety
  40. hispanic remedy for: lack of appetite, stomach pains, diarrhea
    tea and stomach massage
  41. What does the Evil Eye do to a person in Hispanic culture and how do you tx it?
    Causes vomiting, fever, crying restlessness in children

    tx with sweeping of eggs, lemons, and bay leaves accompanied by prayer
  42. Native American herbal medication
    • Echinacea
    • Goldenseal
    • Burdock
  43. Foods are classified as hot or cold
    chinese and cambodian medicine
  44. Illness is a result of moral retribution by ancestors or deities due to person' misdeeds or negligence
  45. Illness is a result of cosmic disharmony
    Chinese and Cambodian
  46. Cupping, pinching, coining, or rubbing an ill person's skin to treat a range of ailments
    Cambodians and Eastern Europeans
  47. Illness and misfortune can be attributed to loss of mana, defines as special power or life force
    pacific islanders
  48. Four components of health for Pacific Islanders
    Spiritual, Psychological, Physical, Relationship with family
  49. Storytelling is used as a therapeutic method of teaching and healing
    pacific islanders
  50. taro (food) holds great mana
    pacific islanders
  51. Eastern European traditional healing approaches
    teas, herbs, grasses, and ointments
  52. Eastern European tx of: coughs and congestions
    inhalation of steam from chamomile tea
  53. Eastern European tx of: longetivity
    honey and pollen
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