Cape of Cancer Vocab

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  1. brazen
    made of brass

    sounding harsh and loud like struck brass

    of the color of polished brass

    marked by contemptuous boldness
  2. furtive
    done by stealth: clandestine


    obtained underhandedly: stolen

  3. miser
    a mean grasping person: especially one who is extremely stingy with money.
  4. grasping
    desiring material possessions urgently and excessively and often to the point of ruthlessness

  5. cogitate (cahjitate)
    to ponder or mediate on usually intently
  6. spavined
    Affected with spavin ( swelling or a bony enlargement of the hock of a horse associated with strain)

  7. squalid/squalor (the quality or state of being squalid)
    marked by filthiness and degradation from neglect or poverty
  8. picayune (peekayeune)
    something trivial

    Spanish half real piece
  9. sieve (siv)
  10. cosmogony (cos mog ony)
    theory of the origin of the universe

    Creation or origin of the universe
  11. sire
    father, forefather, author, originator
  12. confluence
    a coming or flowing together meeting, or gathering at one point (converging)

    flowing together or two or more streams
  13. tumbrel
  14. a vehicle carrying condemned persons
  15. chide
    to speak out in angry or displeased rebuke

  16. valise
  17. sentient (sen she ent)
    Responsive to or conscious of sense impressions


    finely sensitive in perception or feeling
  18. tyrst
    an agreement (as between lovers) to meet

    an appointed meeting or meeting place
  19. bough (bow)
    branch on a tree: a main branch
  20. gaunt
    excessively thin and angular (a long ____ face)

    barren, desolate

  21. gesticulate
    to make gestures especially when speaking
  22. frisson (free so) french pronunciation
    a brief moment of emotional excitement: shudder, thrill
  23. indigo
    • blue vat dye obtained from plants
    • deep reddish blue
  24. oscillation
    the action or state of oscillating (to swing back and forth like a pendulum) variation, fluctuation
  25. adamantine
    made of having the quality of adamant

    the ______ opposition of his parents to his marriage to a girl from a poor family.
  26. muse (muz)
    to become absorbed in thought: to turn something over in the mind meditatively and often inconclusively.

    wonder, marvel, ponder
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