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  1. My diet does not say have breakfast
    I am changing habits so having breakfast will start the day and I will eat less tonight
  2. I can eat sensibly when I have finished dieting
    NO - start now eating sensibly otherwise you will not do it later
  3. I need to find the right diet
    You have the right diet but need to follow it correctly!!!
  4. It has no calories if free
    Free has more calories because you eat more!!!
  5. It's ok if I eat standing up just this time
    I must sit whilst eating or I will not control what I eat. I want to be thin so must impose this rule.
  6. I'll eat sat down next time
    No you will not you will change this habit now
  7. I don't have time to sit and eat
    Then you will re do your schedule and eat sitting down when you do have time
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