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  1. I don't deserve credit for something I should be doing
    Because you struggle at certain things giving yourself credit will make you stronger and keep you there
  2. It feels unnatural to give myself credit
    This will get easier over time. The more a skill is practised the easier it gets.
  3. It feels juvenile to give myself credit
    Its not foolish but will build confidence and will make you stronger
  4. I don't deserve credit until I have reached my goal
    Yes you do because this is hard getting to goal and its easy to stray!! Lots of credit now id due whilst your working hard.
  5. When did you give yourself credit?
    • When I sat down to eat
    • When I drank all my fluids
    • When I stuck to the plan
    • When I read my Response Cards
  6. How to give yourself credit
    • Well Done!
    • That was Good!
    • Great Going!
    • You did It!!
    • Yes !!
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