restraint and restrain devices

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  1. Pasture
    large trun out area for grazing and self exercise
  2. Paddock
    aka:corral, smaller turn out area for exercise
  3. Box Stall
    indoor containment unit, not less than 10x10. foaling stall 12x14 breeding 20x20
  4. Stock
    Close, confined (padded) area, very sturdy, but alows access to most areas of the horse
  5. Aggression
    • Ears back--mad!!!
    • if swinging hind quarters towards you, may kick
  6. Approach
    Talk to horse to make sure your presence knonw and approach if possible from left shoulder.
  7. Body Contact
    Try to maintan contact at all times. The closer you are, the less force a kick could have.
  8. Walking
    Walk at left shoulder. Hold lead with your right hand, 8-10 inches from the horse's head. Hold other end of lead in your left hand. Do not allow horse to get behind you.
  9. Release
    Always face the horse towards you before releasing. Remove halter and lead together. Back out of stall.
  10. Tying
    Tie with single leard or cross tie. When tying with a single lead, always tie to a solid fixture. Use a quick release knot. Always tie with a lead, not the reins. Use cross ties with safety snaps and set high in the wal to prevent horse from getting a leg over if it rears.
  11. Halter
    Nylon, leather or rope device buckled on head. Never leave on a turned out horse.
  12. Lead Rope
    longer than a dog least so a quick release knot can be made.
  13. Cross-tie
    Tie head using halter on left and right
  14. Hobbles
    Front legs, rope or leather straps, tie together OR rope around neck attached to 1 rear leg.
  15. Chemical Restraint
    Drugs, not harmful
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