Intro to Forensics

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  1. stiffening of the muscls after death
    rigor mortis
  2. Cause of rigor mortis
    lack of ATP in the muscle
  3. Rigor mortis begins and ends when
    2-4 hours after death, resolved by 36 hours
  4. rapid onset of rigor mortis usually in the hands
    Cadaveric spasm
  5. involves all muscles at the same time and as the same rate
    Rigor mortis
  6. Most evident in smaller muscls and gradully becomes evident in larger muscle groups
    rigor mortis
  7. Order of rigor mortis
  8. Why does rigor mortis stop?
  9. When does livor mortis begin and end?
    begins 30 mins-2 hours after death, fixed by 8-12 hours
  10. Color changes in livor mortis
    • red to purple due to the dissociation of oxygen
    • deoxyhemoglobin causes it to be purple
  11. Causes of cherry red lividity
    • CO poisoning
    • Cyanide poisoning
    • Cold temperatures
  12. Causes of minimal lividity
    hypovolemic shock or anemia
  13. Length of time to develop Tardiea spots
    18-24 hours
  14. Order of tissue decomposition
    • Intestines, stomach, heart, blood, digestive organs
    • Air passages and lungs
    • Kidneys and bladder
    • Brain and nervous tissue
    • Skeletal muscle
    • Connective tissue (due to high collagen content
  15. aerobes in the colon
    • enterococci, proteus
    • 1-4% of overall bacteria
  16. anaerobes in the colon
    • bacteroidies, clostridia
    • 96-99%
  17. What causes the body to bloat?
    hydrogen sulfide
  18. Green putrefaction
  19. red putrefaction
  20. brown putrefaction
  21. black putrefaction
    hydrogen sulfide
  22. hydrolytic release of enzymes by lysosomes
  23. What triggers autolysis?
    decrease in intracellular pH
  24. Which organs does autolysis begin in first?
    organs with abundant lysosomes, such as the lungs
  25. release of hydrolytic enzymes at dermal-epidermal junction, fluid trapped resembles blisters
    skin slippage
  26. dark band of dried epithelium on the eye
    tache noir
  27. decomposed gastric lining and contents due to gas building up in the stomach and forcing fluid out of the esophagus
    purge fluid
  28. what type of environment do you need for bloating to occur?
    warm environments
  29. What are the metabolites in cocaine?
    • Anhydroecgonine-inactive
    • Benzoylecgonine-inactive
    • cocaethylene--ACTIVE
    • Ecgonine methyl ester-inactive
  30. Contraction band necrosis--wavy lines microscopically
    • cocaine abuse
    • meth
  31. heroin metabolite
    6 monoacetyle morphine
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