Polynomial Vocabulary

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  1. Expresion
  2. Any mathmatical calculation or formula combinding numbers and/or variables useing mathmatical operations. Expresions may not contain the equal sign (=) or any type of inequality ( <, > ).
  3. Term
  4. Parts of an expression separated by an addition sign (+) or a subtraction sign (-).
  5. Degree of a Term
  6. The sum or the exponents of the variables.
  7. Leading Term
  8. The term in the polynomial which contains the highest power of the variable.
  9. Degree of the Polynomial
  10. The highest degree or any term in the polynomial.
  11. Leading Coefficient
  12. The coefficient or a polynomial's leading term.
  13. Constant
  14. A term or expression with no variables.
  15. Liner
  16. A polynomial with the degree of 1.
  17. Quadratic
  18. A polynomial witht the degree of 2.
  19. Cubic
  20. A polynomial with the degree of 3.
  21. Quartic
  22. A polynomial with the degree of 4.
  23. Polynomial
  24. An expression made with the constants, variables or exponents, which are combined using addition, subtraction or multiplucation.
  25. Monomial
  26. A polynomial with one term.
    Examples: 5x3, 8, and 4xy
  27. Binomial
  28. Polynomial with two terms.
    Examples: 2x-3 and 3x5 +8x4
  29. Trinomial
  30. A polynomial with three terms.
    Examples: x2+2x-3 and 3x2 -8x2+ x3
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