MCAT Vocabulary 1 : Vocab Relevant to MCAT questions

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  1. show
    to cause to be seen
  2. indicate
    to show
  3. alleged
    said, without proof, to have taken place or to have an illegal or undesirable quality

    Kasey was initially arrested because she had allegedly killed her daughter
  4. evidence
    facts or information indicating whether a believe, position, or hypothesis is true

    There was no evidence found indicating that sadam was manufacturing wepons of mass destruction since the alleged bombs were never found
  5. prove
    To demosntrate the truth or existence of something by evidence or argument

    Not enough evidence was found against Casey to prove that she had killed her daughter
  6. challenge
    something that contradicts, or conflicts with a hypothesis or finding

    proof, evidence, or findings MUST exist for something to challenge something else
  7. hypothesis
    A supposition or proposed explanation made based on limited evidence, as starting point for further investigation or research

    Darwin's hypothesis of evolution said that it was gradual accumulation of favorable traits over time, however evidence proved that species had plateaus in evolution, and evolutionary
  8. hypothesis of the passage
    hypothesis of the passage may referred to what was finally concluded in the passage even when conclusion was based on evidence of research findings and stuff. This may contradict the definition of hypothesis (proposed explanation with no evidence as starting point of further research) but if you think about about it, findings may just indicate a new hypothesis, just more educated one
  9. Conditioned
    an outcome significantly influenced by something else

    Medical school admision is conditioned to good academic and MCAT performance
  10. Comparison
    to describe things as similar, equal, or analogous

    a comparison can be made between a kid buying his first bicycle, and a young adult buying his first car
  11. Contrast
    to differ strikiingly, usually things in close association
  12. Juxtaposition
    put side by side for the purpose of comparison and contrast

    A C172 can be juxtaposed with a Piper Cherokee to compare or contrast the two side by side
  13. Undermine
    to destroy by insiduous activity, usually imperceptible

    The health of many kids can be undermined by tapeworms!
  14. assertion
    a claim that requires evidence or support for it to be accepted as true

    • Main ideas of passages or paragraphs are ALWAYS assertions, thus they are supported by findings, references to authority... etc.
    • example: Drug enforcement uses government resources that could otherwise be used to benefit society. ** This needs supported with: 1. how much money is being spent, and where it could go otherwise, 2. the time that cops spend catching dealers and stuff, and how they could be catching thiefs,... etc.. you get the idea
  15. other expressions used to ask for main idea of passage
    main idea, thesis, concern, central argument

    All these expressions mean the same thing.. : thesis.
  16. What is the names usually assigned to the main idea of the passage?
    main idea, thesis, concern, central argument
  17. what are topic sentences in a passage?
    • Topic sentences are the main ideas, or theses of each paragraphs.
    • They are usually the topics that support the main idea of the passage - they are assertions.
    • Each topic sentence is usually supported with an example, reference to authority (some guy that knows what he is talking about), research findings.. or anything that serves to support the assertion. to base it on.
  18. scope
    • subject talked about
    • Example: A passage discusses why or why not high school kids should be searched, then...
    • scope = subject = searching in high schools.
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