MCAT Vocabulary 2

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  1. plethora
    an excess of… specially relating to blood

    We've generated a plethora of results; enough to write at least three papers
  2. harken
    listen to, return to previous topic

    Harkening to the fact that we as mechanical engineers need citizenship to work at most defense contractor companies
  3. avert
    turn away...

    girls avert their eyes when guys hit on them by looking at them directly
  4. subtle
    Very delicate, precise, understated, hard to analyze

    The subtle detrimental effect that smooth acceleration may have on fuel economy renders questions in this subject
  5. insiduous
    Proceeding in a slow, unnoticeable pace, but harmful

    Cancer's insidious development leads to the fact that when it is detected, it is usually too late
  6. merely
    just, only

    You have to get good results from your project, not merely get results
  7. endorse
    approve or support., sustain. Also to sign a document

    The public endorsed Obama's plan to bring the troops home.
  8. wholeheartedly
    fully, completely, sincere

    monks wholeheardetly devote their lives to science
  9. rampant
    repid expansion without check

    The rampant spread of HIV in the early 80 accounts for the grave problem that it currently represents in America.
  10. apathy
    lack of interest, enthusiasm, concert

    Bobby's apathy is unique
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