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  1. In RA, joint deformity results primarily from what?
    Loss of stuctural integrity in and around the joints.
  2. Properly administered physical therapy for someone with RA can decrease what?
    Biomechanical stress
  3. Periods of exacerbation and remission are characteristics of?
  4. Vigorous stretching is a contraindication in _____ because joint structure are weakened.
  5. An abnormal layer of fibrovascular tissue or granulation tissue.
    Pannus - RA
  6. The pain in osteoarthritis is due to?
    Stress on surrounding tissues
  7. What motion is avoided after a THR with posterior lateral approach?
    Hip flexion past 90 degrees, adduction, and internal rotation
  8. TKR classified as constrained have little or no?
    Accessory movements
  9. During normal gait, locking of the midtarsal joint creates a lever to stabilize the foot during what stance?
    Terminal stance
  10. During normal gait, swing is approximately ____% of total cycle.
  11. Double limb stance during normal gait is a stance of increased?
  12. At loading response, flexion of the knee is controlled by eccentric contraction of the what?
  13. The heel begins to rise during which stance?
    Terminal stance
  14. When crutches, canes, and walkers are at the appropriate height, the elbows are?
    Flexed 20 - 30 degrees
  15. A painful gait pattern is reffered to as?
    Antalgic gait
  16. During gait, the primary force to move the body through space is?
    Forward fall of the body.
  17. The rate of stretch of the contracting muscle is more important than the length of stretch in what exercise?
  18. What neurophysiologic structure assists to activate a muscle during plyometrics?
    Muscle spindle
  19. What aspect of exercise is controlled during isokinetic exercise?
    The velocity of the limb movement
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