Elite A 501-625

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  1. olfactory
    relating to the sense of smell
  2. accrue
    to come as a gain; to increase
  3. retire
    to retreat, as from battle
  4. salutary
    beneficial; favorable to health
  5. temperate
    consistent; moderate; without extremes
  6. hedonist
    someone who seeks only pleasure
  7. junta
    a group of military officers ruling a country after seizing power
  8. excruciating
    severely painful
  9. trauma
    serious physical or emotional injury
  10. hangar
    a structure used for housing aircraft
  11. legerdemain
    trickery; deception; sleight of hand
  12. table
    to postpone consideration of
  13. hyperbole
  14. dismal
    causing gloom or depression
  15. embezzle
    to take money for one's own use, in violation of a trust
  16. anachronism
    something not belonging to a certain time period
  17. lionize
    to look upon or treat as a celebrity
  18. fruitless
    without results; unprofitable
  19. weather
    to survive
  20. anecdote
    a brief story, oft. humorous
  21. arable
    suitable for grouwing crops
  22. sensuous
    appealing to the senses, esp. those involved in appreciating beauty
  23. ocular
    relating to the eye or sense of sight
  24. diffuse
    to spread around or scatter; widely scattered
  25. insesible
    not able to feel or perceive; unresponsive
  26. extract
    to remove, esp. with effort
  27. tactile
    of or related to the sense of touch
  28. inundate
    to flood
  29. salient
    important, prominent, most noticeable
  30. flighty
    unstable or easily excited
  31. groggy
    confused, sluggish, or dizzy, as from lack of sleep or drunkenness
  32. retract
    to take back; to pull back
  33. diffident
    lacking self-confidence; timid; shy
  34. malady
    a disease; illness; sickness
  35. lopsided
    larger or shaped differently on one side than on another
  36. traction
    the ability to stay on a surface without sliding the act of pulling
  37. capitulate
    to surrender under specific conditions; to give up all resistance
  38. crestfallen
    feeling disappointment; feeling shame or humiliation
  39. impute
    to assign credit, often of guilt or blame
  40. lethargic
    dull; sluggish; moving slowly
  41. precipitate
    moving rapidly and without caution
  42. genealogy
    the science or study of family descent
  43. covert
    concealed or disguised; not openly practiced
  44. posthumous
    done or occurring after death
  45. paucity
    smallness of number; scarcity
  46. tract
    an area of land or water; a brief written work, usu. on a religious or political topic
  47. just
    honorable and fair; consistent with what is right
  48. bourgeoisie
    the middle class
  49. alacrity
    cheerful willingness; swiftness
  50. belated
    delayed; postponed; detained
  51. schism
    a division; a split; a break
  52. collage
    an assembly of diverse elements
  53. dupe
    to deceive; to trick; a person easily tricked
  54. ludicrous
    ridiculous, or exaggerated as to cause or deserve laughter; absurd
  55. canon
    a law or body of laws, esp. religious; an established principle or basis for judgment; the works of a writer that have been accepted as authentic
  56. callous
    lacking pity or mercy; unfeeling
  57. exemplary
    worthy to serve as a model
  58. frugal
    careful in spending money or resources
  59. extant
    currently or actually existing
  60. audible
    able to be heard
  61. blandishment
    a flattering act or remark; allurement; enticement
  62. bellow
    to yell very loudly; to shout
  63. distraction
    mental distress; that which amuses or entertains
  64. colloquial
    appropriate to spoken, as opposed to written, language; informal
  65. anthropology
    study of the origin behavior, and culture of human beings
  66. muse
    to mediate; to consider thoughtfully
  67. obstinate
    unreasonably stubborn
  68. duress
    strain or hardship, often illegally applied
  69. husband
    to use sparingly; to conserve
  70. unpretentious
    modest; not showy
  71. fervid
    extremely emotional; passionate
  72. credit
    to believe; to trust
  73. insular
    narrow in outlook; provincial
  74. collude
    to plot secretly for a deceitful or illegal purpose
  75. quail
    to draw back in fear; lose heart or courage
  76. wax
    to become larger
  77. proletariat
    the working class
  78. culminate
    to reach the highest point
  79. sediment
    a residue that settles in the bottom of something
  80. garrulous
    talking too much, esp. about trivial things
  81. disparate
    entirely unlike
  82. repel
    to drive or force back; to drive off
  83. acrid
    harsh; sarcastic; bitter to the taste
  84. gustatory
    relating to the sense of taste
  85. commensurate
    equal in proportion; having the same size, duration, etc.
  86. lament
    to grieve; to regret deeply; a mournful song
  87. maelstrom
    a violently confused state; a very large whirlpool
  88. quotidian
    daily; customary
  89. taut
    tense; very tight
  90. till
    to prepare the soil for planting
  91. pathetic
    arousing pity; arousing scornful pity
  92. conundrum
    a riddle or puzzle, esp. one without a solution
  93. alchemy
    medieval chemistry, esp. the attempt to change common metals into gold
  94. venue
    the location where something takes place, esp. a trial
  95. foible
    a minor weakness of character
  96. ethereal
    delicate; soft; airy; intangible
  97. vindicate
    to clear of blame with supporting arguments or proof
  98. chaste
    pure; not engaging in sexual activity
  99. noisome
    disgustingly offensive; foul
  100. gestate
    evolve, as in prenatal growth
  101. vocation
    a regular occupation,esp. one for which a person is particularly suited
  102. epigram
    a short, cleverly-worded statement
  103. adulterate
    to make impure
  104. taboo
    something forbidden or prohibited
  105. attract
    to pull towards; to stimulate interest
  106. vie
    to compete
  107. repertoire
    the range of pieces an artist is prepared to perform
  108. deride
    to ridicule
  109. ubiquitous
    present everywhere
  110. dowdy
    lacking in neatness or style; shabby
  111. endemic
    native to a particular country
  112. archive
    records or documents of a government or institution; the place where such records are kept
  113. contract
    to reduce in size by drawing
  114. manumit
    to grant freedom to slaves; to emancipate
  115. palatable
    pleasant or acceptable to the taste
  116. condone
    to pardon or overlook voluntarily
  117. forthright
    direct and without evasion; honest
  118. cavort
    to leap about in a lively manner; to have lively or boisterous fun
  119. parody
    a humerous and ridiculous imitation
  120. subordinate
    occupying a lower position
  121. mean
    lowly, insignificant, petty
  122. affected
    behaving in an artificial way to impress people
  123. collateral
    parallel; serving to support; of a secondary nature
  124. protract
    to etend the duration of; prolong
  125. berserk
    dangerously destructive; frenzied
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