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  1. what test to use for AC joint
    crossover test
  2. localized tenderness or pain w/adduction suggests inflammation or arthritis of what joint
  3. what test to use for overall sh Rot
    apley scratch
  4. difficulty with apley scratch test signifies what
    rotator cuff disorder
  5. this test is for the rotator cuff & compresses teh greater tuberosity of humerus against the acromion by raising the patients arm
    • neer's impingement sign
    • pos=possible rotator cuff tear
  6. this test is for the rotator cuff & compresses the greater tuberosity against the coracoacromial ligament by flexing the patient's sh & elbow to 90 w/palm facing down
    • hawkin's impingment sign
    • pos=rotator cuff tear
  7. this test is for the rotator cuff & elevate arms to 90 & internally rotate the arms w/thumb pt down (empty can)
    • supraspinatus strength
    • pos=rotator cuff tear (supraspinatus)
  8. this test is for rotator cuff & have patient flex elbow to 90 & apply resistance while having them press outward
    • infraspinatus strength
    • pos=rot cuff tear or bicipital tendinitis
  9. this test is for the shoulder and have patient flex to 90 at elbow & pronate their wrist & provide resistance when they supinate
    • forearm supination
    • pos=inflammation of long head biceps tendon or rot cuff tear
  10. swelling over the olecranon process
    olecranon bursitis
  11. tenderness distal to the epicondyle lateral
    tennis elbow
  12. tenderness distal to the epicondle medial
    pitchers or golfers
  13. what test to do if there is wrist pain for thumb fx
    • finkelstein's test
    • pos=de quervain's tenosynovitis from inflammation of abd pollicis longus & ext pollicis brevis tendons
  14. lateral deviation & rotation of head suggests
    torticollis via contraction of SCM
  15. a wide base suggests what
    • cerebellar disease
    • foot problems
  16. lack of knee flexion interrupt the smooth pattern of what
  17. bowlegs
    genu varum
  18. knock knees
    genu valgum
  19. flexion contracture occurs when
    limb paralysis
  20. swelling over patella suggests what
    prepatellar bursitis
  21. swelling over tibial tubercle suggests
    infrapatellar or if more medial=anserine bursitis
  22. which test is for the medial & lat meniscus
    mcmurray test
  23. which test is for the MCL
    abduction or valgus
  24. which test is for the LCL
    adduction or Varus
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