Magnesium sulfate

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  1. Class
  2. Action
    blocks neuromuscular transmisson
  3. Indications
    Torsades de Pointe, eclampsia and seizure prophlaxis in preeclamsia and status asthmaticus
  4. Contraindications
    AV block, gi obstruction
  5. Adverse effects
    Magnesium toxcity, CNS or respiratory depression
  6. Dose Adult
    Vfib,pulseless Vtach with torsades de pointe - 1 to2g in 10ml of d5w over 5 to 10 minutes

    Torsdes de pointe with a pulse 1to2g om 10ml d5w of 5-60 min

    Eclampsia and seizure prophlaxis in preeclamsia - 4 to 6mg iv over 20 min

    staticus astmaticus 1 to 2g iv over 20min
  7. Dose Pedi
    Vfib/pulseless vtach with torsades de pointe 25to50mg/kg over 10-20 min max dose 2g

    Torsades de pointes 25to50mg/kg over 10-20 min

    staticus asthmaticus 25to50mg/kg diluted with d5w over 10-20 min
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Magnesium sulfate
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