Chap.5 Vet Med Terms

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  1. Dog/stud
    intact (not sexually altered) male dog.
  2. bitch
    intact female dog.
  3. whelp
    (wehlp) or pup=young dog
  4. pack
    group of dogs
  5. litter
    multiple offspring born during same labor
  6. tom
    intact male cat
  7. queen
    intact female cat
  8. kitten
    young cat
  9. queening
    giving birth to kittens
  10. canine
  11. feline
  12. lagomorph
  13. buck
    intact male rabbit
  14. doe
    intact female rabbit
  15. lapin
    neutered male rabbit
  16. kit
    young(blind, deaf) rabbit
  17. kindling
    giving birth to rabbits
  18. herd
    group of rabbits
  19. ferret
  20. hob
    intact male ferret
  21. jill
    intact female ferret
  22. gib
    (gihb) neutered male ferret
  23. sprite
    spayed female ferret
  24. kit
    young ferret
  25. kindling
    giving birth to ferrets
  26. cavy
    guinea pig
  27. boar
    intact male guiena pig
  28. sow
    intact female guinea pig
  29. pup
    young guiena pig
  30. murine
    mouse or rat
  31. sire
    intact male rat or mouse
  32. dam
    intact female mouse or rat
  33. pup
    young mouse or rat
  34. psittacine
    parrot includes other birds with bills foe cracking seeds
  35. cock
    intact male parrot
  36. hen
    intact female parrot
  37. chick
    young parrot
  38. flock
    group of parrots also called a company
  39. turkey
    one kind of poultry
  40. tom
    intact male turkey
  41. hen
    intact female turkey
  42. poult
    young turkey
  43. flock
    group of turkeys
  44. clutch
    group of eggs
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