Five S

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  1. Five S




  2. First S
    Sort -- Clearly distinguish between what is needed and kept, and what is unneeded and thrown out.

    §Critically evaluate all items in the workplace and determine which items are really needed.

    §Keep only items needed to Support the LWW

    §Unneeded items get in the way of product flow and are a safety hazard.
  3. Second S
    Straighten & POU

    Organizing the necessary items so that they can be used and returned easily

    Sort first so that we don’t waste time straightening things we don’t need

    • §Organize and locate all needed items
    • §Identify where to return items when not in use
    • §Identify items and their storage locations

    §Make the order of things clearly understood at a glance

    §Eliminate all wasted motion and time
  4. Third S

    Some techniques

    • §Sweep dirt from floor cracks, corners, etc.
    • §Mop and wax floors as needed
    • §Wipe off dust from walls, windows and doors
    • §Be thorough about cleaning dirt, oil, grease, rust shavings from all surfaces (especially machinery)
    • §Use cleansing agents when sweeping and dusting
    • §If discrepancies are found, enter on the area To-Do List
  5. Fourth S

    §Standardize – Maintaining and improving the standards of the first three S’s

    §While the first 3 S’s are activities, the 4th S is a process that facilitates the maintenance and improvement of the first three S’s

    §The 4th S relies on written agreements, visual controls and standard routines established by the group.

    §To improve, we move from detection to prevention
  6. Fifth S

    §Sustain – Achieving the discipline or habit of properly maintaining the correct 5S procedure

    • §To “do” the 5th S we need to practice until we internalize what we are supposed to do and fully understand why
    • §Practice reinforces correct habits. We must be strict about how things are done – even the little things
    • §Follow posted checklists and other visual controls established under the 4th S
    • §Perform regular 5S evaluations
  7. POU
    Point of Use (POU)

    §All information, items, parts or equipment required to do a job are organized and near the employee:

    § With the most frequently used items being the closest.

    §Those used not quite so frequently a little farther away.

    §Those used infrequently stored remotely but readily accessible.
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