Chapter 19

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  1. common ion effect
  2. titration
    a proceedure in which two solutions (each with a measured volume) are combined; generally the concentration of one soln is known and the other is what's trying to be determined
  3. strong acid-strong base titration
    • -no equilibrium
    • -reaction products (conjugate weak base/weak acid) DON'T influence the pH
    • -therefore the only thing that influences the pH is the change in concentration (due to both dilution and reaction)
  4. weak acid-strong base (wasb)
    • -eq. ratio is needed because prior to eq. point, the acid left over after titration is WEAK
    • -at the eq. point, the pH isn't neutral (7); the conjugate of the weak acid (a weak base) is present and makes the solution basic
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