PTCE Chap. 1

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  1. What organization establishes standards of practice, addresses the quality of patinet care and patient safety, and establishes standards for health care providers and home medical equipment and accredits the following: hospitals, home health care agencies, home infusion providers, long-term care pharmacies, and ambulatory infusion pharmacies?
  2. What is Medicare?
    A federally funded program for elderly and disabled
  3. What is a deductible?
    A set amount that must be paid by the patient for each benefit period before the insurer will cover additional expenses
  4. What isn't a universal precaution?
    Wearing jewlry while preparing IV admixtures
  5. What process of mixing a liquid and a powder to form a suspension or solution?
  6. What isn't a characteristic of an absorption base?
  7. What tye of order, used for specific classifications of meds, can be active for only a limited time, after which a new medication order is required to continue?
    STAT order
  8. Reference book that provides information on drug prices?
    Drug Topics Red Book
  9. What type of container is impervious to air under normal handling, shipment, storage, and distribution?
  10. What class of Temp. is between 15oC and 30oC
    Room temperture
  11. What # is given by a manufacturer to identify a particular batch of meds?
    Lot #
  12. What piece of info is not required on a med order label?
    harmacist or technician who processed the order
  13. What medication does not require that a patient package insert be given to a patient?
    ACE inhbitors
  14. If a Pharm. Tech. is using the continental (dry gum) method, what would she be compounding?
  15. What type of substance is composed of 50% dextrose, 20% fat, and 10% amino acid
    Total parental nutrition
  16. What technique is used in mixing two ingredients of unequal quantities?
    Geometric Dilution
  17. What type of ointment base is Aquahpor?
  18. What ointment bases is anhydrous?
    a. Absorption
  19. How many times may a pharmcy transfer a controlled substance prescrption of 30 tabs of Tylenal #3 with five refills indicated on the prescription?
  20. What does a med with an FDA therapeutic equivalence code "A" signify?
    Drug produts that are considered to be therapeutically equivanlent to other to other pharmaceutically equivalent products
  21. Which disease is characterized by an imbalance between oxygen suply and demand?
  22. What type of drug interaction occurs when one drug increases or prolongs the effect of another drug?
  23. Wat type of diabetes is caused by taking various meds?
  24. What reference book provides monthly updates on FDA-approved meds, orphan drugs, and investigational drugs?
    Drug Facts and Comparisons
  25. Which of the following DEA numbers in incorrect for Dr. B. Yarhi?
    a. BY1234563

    b. BY5555555

    c. DBY 1234563

    d. BY 5555517
    b. BY5555555
  26. Wht type of syringe would be used to administer 0.5 mL of amoxicillin pediatric drops?
    Oral Syringe
  27. What pump is used as a PCA?
    CADD Prizm PCS pump
  28. What is a single-unit container intended for parenteral admin. only?
    Single-dose container
  29. What dosage for can be prepared by te dry gum method, the wet gum method, or the beaker method?
  30. What dosage form can be prepared by the heat method?
  31. What dosage form can be prepared with either the compression mold or the fusion mold?
  32. What type of an ointment base is white petrolatum?
  33. What is the price a pharmacy may pay for a med after receiving a discount?
  34. What order allows a patient to receive a specific med at a specific time each day in the hospital?
    Standing orders
  35. What temp. is considered a warm environment?
    Between 30 and 40 degrees C
  36. What is not required on a medication order label?
    Medication Order
  37. What isnt found on a patient package insert?
    Expiration date and lot number of medication
  38. What type of pharmacy processes, prepares, and distributes medication from one location?
    Centralized dispensing
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