PTCE Chap 2

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  1. What is NOT an advantage of a solid dosage form?
    Easier to swallow than other dosage forms
  2. What is the purpose of a group purchasing organization for a hospital pharmacy?
    Negotiate prices with drug manufacturers
  3. What dosage form is contained in a gelatin shell
  4. What dosage form may be prepared by either compressing or molding?
  5. What dosage form releases carbon dioxide when it is dissolved in water?
    Effervescent salts
  6. What is NOT a disadvantage of a liquid?
    Easier to swallow than solid dosage forms
  7. What solution is a clear, sweetened, flavored hydroalcoholic containing water and alcohol?
    An elixer
  8. What type of dispersion is either water in oil or oil in water?
    An emulsion
  9. What is not required on the label of a repackaged medication?
    Date of repackaging
  10. wat info is not required on a repackaging log?
    Expiration date after repackaging
  11. What regulatory agency may issue a drug recall?
  12. What type of unit-dose system may be referred to as a "punch card" or " bingo card"?
    Modified unit-dose system
  13. What type of agreement is made between a pharmacy and a wholesaler in which the pharmacy agrees to purchase the majority of its products from that wholesaler?
    Prime vendor agreement
  14. What dosage form is an aqueous solution cotaining sucrose or sucrose substitute?
    A Syrup
  15. Which of the following dosage forms is NOT an example of dispersion?
    a. Gel

    b. Liniment

    c. Lotion

    d. suspension
  16. What dosage form is not an example of a solution?
    a. Elixir

    b. Emulsion

    c. Enema

    d. Syrup
    b. Emulsion
  17. Which of the following dosage forms is not an example of a sustained-release dosage form?
    a. controlled action

    b. Depot

    c. Pastille

    d. Repository
    c. Pastille
  18. Which type of solution is a topical dosage for containing pyroxylin and is dissolved in alcohol and ether?
    a. Collodion

    b. Extract

    c. Liniment

    d. Spirit
    a. Collodion
  19. How any phases are in a suspension?
  20. Which type of dispersion is similar to an ointment but contains more solid materials?
  21. What committee develops a formulary for an institution?
  22. What is the maximum amount of time that canbe assigned to a repackaged drug?
    6 months
  23. What is a subscription on a prescription?
    Any special instructions or directions to the pharmacist
  24. What type of products must be isotonic?
    Ophthalmic produts
  25. What must be done if a patient request an easy-open container?
    Have the patient sign the back of the prescription, indicatin that he has reqested an easy-open container
  26. Which of the following pieces of info is not needed on a patient's prescription?
    a. Patients name

    b. Patient's ID #

    c. Name of med.

    d. Direction for use
    b. Patient's ID #
  27. Which of the following forms is required to be completed in the destruction of noncontrolled substances?
    a. DEA form 41

    b. DEA form 106

    c. DEA form 222

    d. No form is required
    d. No form is required
  28. What is not an enviornment factor affecting the storage of medications
    Security requirements
  29. Which of the following is not a dispersion?
    a. Cream

    b. Gel

    c. Solution

    d. Suspension
    c. Solution
  30. Which of the following is not a delayd-relase dosage form?
    a. Controlled release

    b. Repository

    c. Sublingual tabs

    d. Time release
    c. Sublingual tabs
  31. what type of drug recall is associated with irreversible damage or death to a person?
    Class 1
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