Un and Una

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  1. Un and Una
    • Meaning: A or An
    • Un (used with masculine nouns)
    • Una (used with feminine nouns)
  2. Do NOT use...
    • when after ser(to be) unless noun is modified.
    • Not modified ex: Soy profesor (I am a teacher)
    • Modified ex: Él es un buen dentista (He is a good dentist)
    • Good makes dentist modified
  3. Do NOT use...
    • When After con ("with") and sin ("without")
    • Without Ex: Escribe sin ordenador (He writes without a computer.)
  4. Do NOT use...
    • When After tener ("to have"), comprar ("to buy"), llevar ("to wear")
    • Tener Ex: No tengo coche. (I don't have a car)
    • Comprar Ex: Vamos a comprar casa. (We're going to buy a house.)
    • Llevar Ex: Lleva camisa. (He is wearing a shirt.)
  5. Do NOT use...
    • After In exclamations using qué ("what")
    • Ex: Qué lástima! (What a shame)
    • Ex: Qué casa! (What a house!)
  6. DO use...
    • In a series of two or more words joined by "and" (y in Spanish)
    • Ex: Un gato y un perro (A cat and a dog)
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