Company Officer Ch 3

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  1. 3 Priorities based on mission statement; activity
    • 1. Mental prepare for emergency response-be ready
    • 2. Direct prep for emer resp.-training;preplans;prepare apparatus
    • 3. application of efficient organizing skills-reports,records, admin duties
  2. Delegation of tasks
    • 1. allows employee to select method of accomplished task
    • 2. Promotes team spirit; employee feels valued/empowered
    • 3. Works well in emerg response when workers are experienced and sup confident in their ability
  3. Teams
    • 1. Company-composed of 3+ people and assigned to apparatus
    • 2. Workgroup-groupings of people w/ the common purpose of completing objectives; line and staff
    • 3. Team building- overcoming individual differences to think in groupps of teams
  4. 5 Development stages of teams
    • 1. Forming- uncertain about roles; as relationships grow trust develops and members start to see themselves as part of the group; diversity training; leader directive
    • 2. Storming- conflict; success depends on minimizing time in this stage;leader supportive
    • 3. Norming-est norms and values; members become close, cohesive; leader a team member;shares leadership
    • 4. Performing-group a true team w/ leadership shared by all; leader monitors progress,behaviors,attitudes; treat each other as equals; involve all members in activities
    • 5. Adjourning-acknowledge group's accomplishments and individual members
  5. What is the 4 step method of counseling?
    • 1. Describe current performance;do so positively,specifically state required behavior and details
    • 2. Describe the desired performance-state in detail what action is expected
    • 3.Gain a commitment-ask employee to agree to meet new level of perf; can be a contract
    • 4. Follow up the commitment-observe employee for signs of improvement; schedule further mtg's, kick up to next level if no improvement
  6. What are the 3 keys to mentoring?
    • 1. Enhance management skills; productivity and encourage diversity
    • 2. Should be voluntary on both ends
    • 3. Sups. can provide role models; guidance in career choices,get specialized training, provide outside resources,make challenging work assignments, monitor achievement
  7. What is coaching?
    • 1. Informal process of giving motivational direction,positive re-inforcement and constructive feedback
    • 2. Feedback needs to be positive, immediate direct and frequent
    • 3. Help establish goals, determine how to achieve and provide suggestions
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