Funeral Service History

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  1. American Board of Funeral Service Education
    the agency charged with developing curriculum and accreditation standards for funeral services education programs in the United States
  2. Casket Manufacturers Association
    organization of the casket manufacturers intended to facilitate sharing of information(now known as the Casked and Funeral Supply Association)
  3. Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards
    organization of licensing agencies in North America; responsible for the national licensing exam known as the National Board Exam; established in St. Louis in 1904
  4. Cremation Association of North America
    founded in 1913, CANA is an international organization of cemeterians, cremationists, funeral directors, industry suppliers and consultants, CANA was originally formed to promote cremation as a modern, safe and hygienic way of dealing with a dead human body
  5. Jewish Funeral Directors of America (JFDA)
    charted in 1928 to secure harmony in the profession among Jewish funeral directors and elevate the practice of the profession
  6. National Association of Colleges of Mortuary Science
    established in 1942 as an organization for privately sponsored schools with the goal of advancement of mortuary education
  7. National Foundation of Funeral Service
    established in 1945 as a non-profit educational trust to advance the education of the profession; currently merged with the NFDA as the Funeral Service Foundation
  8. National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA)
    a professional association of funeral directors and embalmers organized in 1882. It is the oldest and largest national funeral service organization in the world. NFDA currently provides advocacy, education, information, products, programs, and services to help members enhance the quality of services to families
  9. National Funeral Directors and Morticians Association
    incorporated in 1938 as National Negro Funeral Directors and Morticians Association; present name adopted in 1957; established to represent specific interests of African-American funeral directors
  10. National Selected Morticians (NSM)
    a limited membership funeral service organization formed in 1917 on the basis of one member firm per city; now known as Select Independent Funeral Homes (SIFH)
  11. Order of the Golden Rule (OGR)
    association established in 1928; committed to quality services and high standards; membership limited to one independently owned funeral home per community; now know as IOGR (International Order of the Golden Rule)
  12. Undertakers Mutual Protective Association
    first formal organization of undertakers; kept a black book of objectionable and delinquent customers to be shared among members only; originated in Philadelphia in January 1864
  13. University Mortuary Science Education Association
    organization of college and university-based funeral service programs established in 1961
  14. Edwin Chadwick
    English investigator of mass corruption in regard to English burial practices who recommended that cemeteries be municipalized and that religious rites be simplified and standardized in 1842
  15. Joseph Henry Clarke
    founded Clarke School of Embalming at Cincinnati (no Cincinnate College in 1882). Author and holder of several patents
  16. Jean N. Gannal
    French chemist who developed early embalming methods including injection through the carotid arteries. Author of History of Embalming
  17. J. Anthony Gaussardia
    patented a process of embalming involving the injection of an arsenic-alcohol mixture
  18. Richard Harlan
    translated Gannal's History of Embalming; responsible for bringing European embalming techniques to the United States
  19. Dr. William Harvey
    discovered the circulation of blood
  20. Dr. Thomas Holmes
    "Father of Modern Embalming in the United States"
  21. John Hunter
    Scottish anatomist credited with the discovery of "Hunters Canal"
  22. August Hoffman
    credited with the discovery of the chemical formaldehyde
  23. Anton von Leeuwenhoek
    inventor of the microscope; "Father of Microbiology"
  24. Marcello Malpighi
    "Father of Histology" the study of tissues
  25. Dr. Auguste Renouard
    author of The Undertaker's Manual, the first book published specifically as an embalming textbook in the United States
  26. Frederick Ruysch
    considered the "father of embalming;" the first to refine the technique of arterial injection of a preservative into the vascular system
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