Science vocab ch.1

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  1. Science
    A way of learning more about the natural world.
  2. Scientific Theory
    An attempt to explaina pattern observed repeatedly in the natural world.
  3. Scientific Law
    a rule that describes a pattern in nature but does not try to explain why something happens.
  4. System
    collectionof structures, cycles, and processes that relate to and interact with each other.
  5. Life Science
    study of living systems and how they interact.
  6. Earth Science
    study of earth systems and systems in space, including weather and climate systems, and the study of nonliving things such as rocks, oceans and planets.
  7. Physical Science
    study of matter, which is anything that takes up space and has mass, and the study of energy, which is the ability to cause change.
  8. Technology
    use of science to help people in some way.
  9. Hypothesis
    reasonable guess that can be tested and is based on what is observed.
  10. Infer
    to draw a conclusions
  11. Controlled Experiment
  12. Variable
  13. Independent Variable
  14. Dependent Variable
  15. Constant
  16. Model
    any representation of an object or an event that isused as a toolfor understanding the natural world; can communicate observations and ideas, test predictions, and save time, money, and lives.
  17. Critical Thinking
    Involves using knowledge and thinking skills to evaluate evidence and explanations.
  18. Data
    Information gathered during an investigation; recorded in the form of descriptions, tables, graphs, or drawings.
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