BoM Exam 1

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  1. Korihor claimed that he taught the people that there would be no Christ because:
    He was told by an angel to go and reclaim the people.
  2. The word "Rameumptom" is interpreted in the Book of Mormon as:
    holy stand
  3. Alma talked of planting a seed. What was he comparing to the seed?
    the word
  4. Mormon’s description of Captain Moroni included the following:
    He was a man of perfect understanding
  5. What best describes the 2,000 stripling warriors?
    They were sons of Lamanites who had been converted to the Lord.
  6. Who said the following and to whom was he speaking? “Learn wisdom in thy youth; yea, learn in thy youth to keep the commandments of God.”
    Alma the younger to Helaman
  7. Chiasmus is:
    a Hebrew literary style found in the Bible and in the Book of Mormon
  8. Which of the following was NOT listed in the Book of Mormon as one of the sins of Corianton:
    He refused to repent
  9. Alma refers to the state of the wicked soul between death and the resurrection as outer darkness. We typically refer to it as hell. Which of the following does NOT describe spirit world hell?
    “The final state of the wicked.”
  10. According to the Book of Mormon, the interpretation of word “Liahona” means:
  11. The second spiritual death will be suffered by
    sons of perdition only
  12. Alma believed the most effective way to teach the gospel or the thing that had the most powerful effect upon the minds of the people was:
    The preaching of the word
  13. In the scriptures the word “hope” usually refers to:
    An expectation based on faith.
  14. In Alma 32 it talks about planting a seed. In the analogy, if the seed is nurtured with great care, what will the plant ultimately grow up to be?
    The tree of life
  15. T/F Following the death of Korihor, those who had believed in his words were all converted again unto the Lord.
  16. T/F It is wrong to pray that you might prosper in your field of work because it is selfish.
  17. T/F There is no repentance once a person dies and enters the world of spirits.
  18. T/F Shiblon was originally supposed to be the sacred record keeper, but because Helaman repented, his father gave the assignment to Helaman.
  19. T/F There is an exit to the pre-resurrection and pre-final judgment HELL located in the spirit world. (Everyone gets out of that hell)
  20. T/F Alma taught that the spirits of all men, good and evil, are taken home to God. This means that when a person dies, he or she is immediately ushered into the presence of God for judgment.
  21. T/F Those who kept their first estate and came to earth to receive physical bodies and then become sons of perdition will NOT be resurrected.
  22. T/F The idea that Alma the Younger was translated was a theory among the people of his day.
  23. T/F According to Mormon, before the coming of Christ there never was a happier time among the Nephites since the time of the first Nephi than during the time of Captain Moroni.
  24. T/F Based upon a verse in the Book of Mormon, we learn that one purpose of fasting can be to show gratitude unto the Lord for blessings already received.
  25. T/F Mercy cannot rob justice, but mercy can overpower justice.
  26. A person is initially resurrected to the age and condition just prior to when he or she died.
  27. Who was Amulek?
    Missionary companion of Alma
  28. Who lost their scalp to unnamed Nephite soldier?
  29. Who was Lehi in the book of Alma?
    Nephite commander feared greatly by the Lamanites
  30. Who was the first Nephite to become king of the Lamanites?
  31. How did Lehonti (commander of lamenite army) die?
    Poisoned by Nephite dissenter (Amalickiah)
  32. Who was the brother of Amalickiah?
  33. Who was Pahoran?
    Chief judge of the Nephites
  34. What was the name of the man who took wine to the Lamanites as part of a plan to free Nephite prisoners?
  35. Who was the commander of the 2,000 stripling warriors
  36. Who built ships and sent people to northern countries?
  37. Who was ythe Old Testament prophet whose writings are not found in the Old Testament, but were found in the plates of brass?
  38. Who was rumered to have been translated in Alma 45?
    Alma the younger.
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