Collected Points Revision

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  1. Liberal Jewish Sqnagogue
    St. Johns Wood Road
  2. Blazer Court
    St Johns Wood Road
  3. Inverness Street Market
    Inverness St/ Camden High Street
  4. Zensai Bar
    Inverness St
  5. Good Mixer Bar
    Arlington Road/ Inverness St
  6. Fifty Five Ph
    Jamestown Road
  7. Novotel Paddington Hotel
    Kingdom Street
  8. Elements Restaurant
    Inside Novotel Hotel/ Kingdom St
  9. Queens Wharf
    Queen Caroline Street
  10. Hammersmith Cemetery
    Margravine Road
  11. Banham Alarms
    Kensington High Street
  12. Hashemite Jordan Embassy
    Upp Phillimore Gdns
  13. Caroline House
    Bayswater Road
  14. New West End Synagogue
    St Petersborough Place
  15. Hilldrake Place
    Duchess Of Bedfords Walk
  16. Plane Tree House
    Duchess Of Bedfords Walk
  17. Soprano Restaurant
    Kensington High Street
  18. Balans Restaurant
    Kensington High Street
  19. Royal Avenue
    Kings Road
  20. Wellington Square
    Kings Road
  21. Cobbs Hall
    Fulham Palace Road
  22. Chutney Mary Restaurant
    Kings Road
  23. Queens Elms Sq
    Old Church Rd
  24. Chelsea Arts Club
    Old Church St
  25. Chelsea Conservative Club
    Kings Road
  26. Chelsea Farmers Market
    Sydney Street
  27. Toms Kitchen
    Cale Street
  28. Gulston Walk
    Blacklands Terrace
  29. Tom Aitkens Restaurant
    Elystan Street
  30. Chelsea Cloisters
    Sloane Ave
  31. Awana Restaurant
    Sloane Ave
  32. Duke Of York Square
    Kings Road
  33. Curzon Square
    Curzon Street
  34. Bristol Cars
    Kensington High Street
  35. Burlington House
  36. Royal Academy of Art
  37. Podium Restaurant
    Inside Hilton Hotel Park Lane
  38. Polo Bar
    Conduit Street
  39. Timothy Taylor Gallery
    Carlos Place
  40. Cavendish Hotel
    Duke St St James's
  41. Sotherby's
    New Bond Street
  42. Fine Arts Society
    New Bond Street
  43. Hibiscus Restaurant
    Maddox Street
  44. Donovan's Bar
    Albermarle Street/ Browns Hotel
  45. Directors Lodge Club
    Masons Yard
  46. Fountain Restaurant
    Duke St St Jameses's/ Fortnum & Masons
  47. 1707 Wine Bar
    Duke St St Jameses's/ Fortnum & Masons
  48. The Parlour Restaurant
    Duke St St Jameses's/ Fortnum & Masons
  49. Rockwell Bar
    Spring Garden's Inside Hilton Trafalgar Sq Hotel
  50. Arang Restaurant
    Golden Square
  51. Village Soho Cafe
    Wardour Street
  52. Ugandan House
    Cockspur Street/ Trafalgar Square
  53. Hilton Hotel Trafalgar Square
    Spring Gardens
  54. Comedy Store
    Oxenden Street
  55. Comedy Pub
    Oxended Street
  56. Absolute Radio
    Upper James Street
  57. St Anne's Church
    Dean Street
  58. French House Pub
    Dean Street
  59. Mountbatten Hotel
    Monmouth Street
  60. Kingsway Hall
    Great Queen Street
  61. Dudley Court
    Endell Street
  62. Garrick Club
    Garrick Street
  63. Secrets 6 Club
    Parker Street
  64. Congress House
    Great Russel Street
  65. Hilton Hotel Euston
    Upper Woburn Place
  66. County Hotel
    Upper Woburn Place
  67. Generator Hostel
    Compton Place
  68. Forbidden Planet
    Shaftesbury Avenue
  69. Incognitos Restaurant
    Shaftesbury Avenue
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