PNP: Child Growth & Development

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  1. Flexion - Fine Motor Development
  2. Extension, non-directed swipes - Fine Motor Development
    1 Month
  3. Directed swipes, corralling, reaching - Fine Motor Development
    4 Months
  4. Ulnar-palmar grasp - Fine Motor Development
    4-5 Months
  5. Radial-palmar grasp, raking - Fine Motor Development
    6-7 Months
  6. Radial-digital grasp - Fine Motor Development
    7-8 Months
  7. Scissors grasp - Fine Motor Development
    7-9 Months
  8. Voluntary release - Fine Motor Development
    9-10 Months
  9. Picks up pellet with pincer grasp - Fine Motor Development
    12 Months
  10. Makes tower of four cubes, imitates scribbling, dumps pellet, puts blocks in large holes, drinks from cup with little spilling, can take off socks - Fine Motor Development
    18 Months
  11. Makes tower of seven cubes, does circular scribbling folds paper once imitatively, turns doorknobs, turns pages one at a time, unbuttons or unzips large fasteners, puts on coat with assistance - Fine Motor Development
    24 Months
  12. Makes tower of nine cubes, makes vertical and horizontal strokes, imitates circle, buttons large buttton, uses fork in fist, twists jar lids - Fine Motor Development
    30 Months
  13. Makes tower 10 cubes, imitates bridge of three cubes, copies circle, snips with scissors, can brush teeth but not well, puts shoes on feet - Fine Motor Development
    36 Months
  14. Copies bridge from model, copies cross and square, cuts curved line with scissors, dresses self, strings small beads - Fine Motor Development
    48 Months
  15. Some can print name; copies triangle, opens lock with key, bathes self, cuts out simple shapes, pours froms from small pitcher - Fine Motor Development
    60 Months
  16. Suckling tongue movements, extension-retraction of tongue, up-and-down jaw movements, low approximation of lips - Oral Movment
  17. Rooting - Oral Movment
    1 Month
  18. Sucking with negative oral cavity pressure, rhythmic jaw movements, firm approximation of lips - Oral Movment
    6-7 Months
  19. Phasic bite reflex, rhythmic bite and release pattern - Oral Movment
    7-8 Months
  20. Munching, early chewing - Oral Movment
    7-9 Months
  21. Chewing with spreading and rolling tongue movements, tongue lateralization, rotary jaw movements, controlled sustained bite - Oral Movment
    12 Months
  22. Momentary head control when sitting - Gross Motor Movement
  23. Turns head when prone - Gross Motor Movement
    1 Month
  24. Sits with support, rolls over, head steady in sitting - Gross motor movement
    4 mo
  25. Sits with support, rolls over, head steady in sitting - gross motor movement
    4 mo
  26. "Swims" in prone position, no head lag - gross motor movement
    4 -5 mo
  27. Sit independently, rocks on hands and knees, free head lift in supine - gross motor movement
    6 - 7 mo
  28. Sits alone well, may crawl - gross motor movement
    7 - 9 mo
  29. Cruises, pivots while seared, pulls to stand - grossed motor movement
    9 - 10 mo
  30. Walks with one hand held, stands alone momentarily - Gross motor movement
    12 mo
  31. Directed throwing, walks well independently, climbs into adult chair - gross motor movement
    18 mo
  32. Throws overhand, runs well, kicks ball, up and down stairs placing both feet on each step - gross motor movement
    24 mo
  33. Jumps off ground with both feet - gross motor movement
    30 mo
  34. Broad jumps, walks up stairs alternating feet, may pedal tricycle, balance one foot 2 - 3 sec - gross motor movement
    36 mo
  35. Pedals tricycle, runs smoothly, hops on one foot, catches large ball - gross motor movement
    48 mo
  36. Walks downstairs alternating feet, catches bounced ball, skips, stands on one foot 7 - 8 sec - gross motor movement
    60 mo
  37. Attends to voice, turns head or eyes; Startles to loud sounds; Quiets in response to voice, Smiles, coos, gurgles to voice - receptive language
    0 - 3 mo
  38. Actively seeks sound source; May look in response to name; Responses may vary to angry or happy voice - receptive language
    3 - 6 mo
  39. May look at family member when named; Inhibits to "no"; Begins interest in pictures when named; Individuals words begin to take on meaning - receptive language
    6 - 9 mo
  40. Will give toy on request; Understands simple commands; Turn head to own name; Understands "hot," "where's...?"; Responds with gestures to "bye-bye" - receptive language
    9 - 12 mo
  41. Follows simple one-step commands; Understands new words weekly; Increased interest in named pictures; Differentiates environmental sounds; Points to familiar objects and body parts when named; Understands simple questions; Begins to distinguish "you" from "me" - receptor language
    12 - 18 mo
  42. Follows two-step commands; Vocabulary increases rapidly; Enjoys simple stories; Recognizes pronouns - receptive language
    18 - 24 mo
  43. Understands prepositions in and on; Seems to understand most of what is said - receptive language. Understands more reasoning; ("when you are done, then ...") Identifies
    object when given function (wear on feet, cook on) - receptive language
    24 - 30 mo
  44. Undifferentiated but strong cry; Coos & gurgles; Single-syllable repetition; /G/,/H/,/K/,and /NG/ appear - expressive language
    0 -3 mo
  45. Increased babbling, vocal play; Laughs, Increased repetitive babbling (gaga); Vocabilzes to toys; Spontaneous smile to verbal play; Increased intensity and nasal tone; vocalizes to removal of toy; Experiments with own voice - Expressive language
    3 - 6 mo
  46. Babbles tunefully; Increased sound combinations; Uses /M/, /N/, /B/, /D/, /T/; Initiates sounds such as click or kiss; Uses nonspecific "mama" & "dada" - expressive language
    6 - 9 mo
  47. Increased imitating efforts; Has one word with specific reference; Accompanies vocalizations with gestures; Jargon increases; Imitates animal sounds - Expressive language
    9 - 12 mo
  48. All vowels, many consonants present; Increased use of true words; Jargon is sentence-like; Names a few pictures, 10 words; Can imitate nonspeech sounds (cough, tongue click); Names some body parts - expressive language
    12 - 18 mo
  49. Imitates 2 word combinations; Dramatic increase in vocabulary; Speech combines jargon and words; Names self; Answers some questions; Begins to combine words - Expressive language
    18 - 24 mo
  50. Jargon reduced; 2 - 3 word sentences; Repeat 2 digits; Increased use of pronouns; Asks simple questions; Joins in songs & nursery rhymes; Can repeat simple phrases and sentences - Expressive language
    24 - 30 mo
  51. Listens to adult conversations; Understands preposition under; Can categorize colors; Begins to take turns; Understands "big" and "little", "boy", "girl" - Receptive language
    30 - 36 mo
  52. Understand fast; Understands prepositions behind and in front; Responds to simple 3 part commands; Increasing understanding of adjectives and plurals; Understands "just once." - receptive language.
    36 - 42 mo
  53. Recognizes coins; Begins to understand future and past tenses; Understands number concepts - more than one - receptive language
    42 - 48 mo
  54. Responds to 3 action commands - receptive language
    48 - 60 mo
  55. Answers questions (wear on feet, to bed) Repeats 3 digits; Uses regular plurals; Can help tell simple story - expressive language
    30 - 36 mo
  56. Understands and answers (cold, tired, hungry); Mostly 3 - 4 word sentences; Give full name; Begins rote counting; Begins to relate events; Lots of questions, some beginning prepositions (on, in) - expressive language
    36 - 42 mo
  57. Uses prepositions; Tells stories; Can give function of objects; repeat larger than 6 word sentences; repeats 4 digits; Gives age; Good intelligibility - expressive language
    42 - 48 mo
  58. Asks "how" questions; Answers verbally to questions such as "How are you?"; Uses past and future tenses; Can use conjucntions to string words and phrases together. - expressive language
    48 - 60 mo
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