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  1. What is technetium-99 used for?
    Most common radionucleotide in bone scans
  2. What is Gallium-67used for?
    • Bone scans for inflammation and/or tumors.
    • * not good for bone/soft tissue differentiation
  3. Name the three parts to a bone scan?
    • 1) blood flow
    • 2) blood pooling (tissue phase)
    • 3) delayed (bone phase)
  4. What test can be used after a bone scan to identify an infection?
    WBC w/ Indium 111
  5. What are the best imaging methods for calcaneal issues?
    CT and calcaneal axial X-ray
  6. What is tomography?
    The process of imaging through sectioning
  7. Pros of CT and MRI?
    • CT: good for bone
    • MRI: good for soft tissue
  8. How are radiographic tags cleared from the body?
    Kidneys and urine
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