P.E Chapter 7 Training Methods

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  1. What is continuos training?
    Slow distance activities designed to improve aerobic fitness
  2. What is interval training?
    Periods of wrok followed by periods of rest. Excellent for activities that involved interplay of energy systems
  3. What is resistance (weight) training?
    • Movement of a load by a particular muscle group or groups to improve strength, power or speed
    • -isotonic
    • -isometric
    • -isokenetic
  4. What is flexibility training?
    • Stretching of individual muscles to allow a greater range of movement at the joint
    • -PNF
    • -passive
    • -active
    • -ballistic
  5. What is plyometric training?
    Explosive movements such as skipping, resulting in lengthening and shortening the muscles. Improves power
  6. What is circuit traning?
    • A sequence of activites that are specific to certain fitness components and energy system requirements for a sport or activity
    • Can train a number of F.C or E.S at once
  7. What is Fartlek training?
    • Slow distance activities interspersed with bouts of high intensity efforts such as sprints
    • Improves aerobic system
  8. What is speed training?
    For sports and events where specific whole body or part body speed is needed
  9. What is core-stabilization training?
    Training of the underlying muscles of the lower spine and middle trunk areas
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