physiology 8/9

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  1. Addison's disease
    • autoimmune disease,
    • hyposecretion of all adreanal steriods.
  2. Cushing's disease
    • hypercortisolism, (moonface) some symptoms mimics diabetes mellitus and may result from adrenal, pituitary tumor.
    • Skinny limbs fat body nocuriea
  3. Grave's Disease
    • Hyperthyroidism, involves endocrine stimulation by antibodies.
    • Immune reaction
  4. Paget's disease
    Associated with overactive osteoclasts, calcitonin may be an appropriate treament.
  5. Myxedemea
    Puffy appearance associated with hypothyroidism (adults).
  6. Goiter
    Enlargement in neck, casued by elevation of TSH Hypothyroid
  7. Acromegaly
    • Caused by growth horone excess in adulthood.
    • Lengthening of the jaw, coarse facial features (andre the giant)
  8. Gigantism
    Caused by growth hormone excess prior puberty
  9. Adreogenital syndrome
    results from excess androgen in females.
  10. Cretinism
    Mental retardation associated with infantile hypothyroidism
  11. Kyphosis
    Hunchback appearance associated with osteoporosis
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