Chapter 6 Flexibility Training Concepts

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  1. Why is flexibility training important?
    Today's society is plagued by postural imbalances, due to sedentary lifestyles caused by advancements in technology
  2. Flexibility training may decrease?
    • -muscle imbalances
    • -joint dysfunctions
    • -and overuse injuries
  3. Prospective study found that decreased flexibility of hamstrings and quadriceps significantly contributed to the development of...
    Patellar tendonitis
  4. Cross sectional study of 100 patients with low back pain demonstrated...
    unilateral hip rotation asymmetry
  5. Study reported that strength and flexiblity imbalances in female college atheletes were associated with...
    lower extremity injuries
  6. Define Flexibility
    The normal extensibility of all soft tissue that allow full range of motion of a joint
  7. Define Extensibility
    Capability to be elongated or stretched
  8. Define Dynamic Range of Motion
    Combination of flexibility and the nervous system's to control this range of motion efficiently
  9. Define Neuromuscular Efficiency
    Ability of neuromuscular system to allow agonists, antagonists, and stabilizers to work synergistically to produce, reduce, and dynamically stabilize the entire kinetic chain in all 3 planes of motion
  10. When performing a lat pull down what is the agonist, synergists and stabilizer muscles?
    • -agonist: latissimus dorsi
    • -synergists: trapezius and rhomboids
    • -stabilizers: rotator cuff
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