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  1. what is the southern most region and largest geographic region in georgia?
    coastal plain
  2. the coastal plain covers what percent of land
  3. what islands protect coastal areas from storms and waves from the atlantic
    barrier islands
  4. products in the coastal plain
    peaches pecans peanuts vidalia onions
  5. what does piedmont mean
    the foot of the mountain
  6. crops in the piedmont
    cotton poultrey livestock
  7. what is home to stone mountain
    stone mountain
  8. what covers 8% of georgia
    ridge and valley
  9. ridge and valley is part of the what
    appalachian mountains
  10. what is 3% of georgias land
    blue ridge
  11. blue ridge is located where
    northeast ga
  12. home to tallest mountain called
    brasstown bald
  13. what is found in the blue ridge
    coal iron marble / trees oak pine ferns
  14. what is the smallest geographic region in ga
    appalachian plateau
  15. what is located in northwest ga
    appalachian plateau
  16. appalachian plateau is called also
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