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  1. Which gram stain is strep spp?
  2. Which gram stain is staph spp?
  3. Which gram stain is enterococcus?
  4. Which gram stain is klebsiella?
  5. Which gram stain is serratia?
  6. Which gram stain is proteus?
  7. Which gram stain is salmonella?
  8. Which gram stain is H flu?
  9. Which gram stain is Legionella?
  10. Which gram stain is neisseria spp?
  11. Which gram stain is pseudomonas?
  12. What is the MOA of PCNs?
    They inhibit the cell wall by binding to PCN binding proteins and inhibiting enzymes that create the cross-linkages
  13. What are ADRs to PCNS?
    • Hypersensitivity reactions (anaphylaxis, hemolytic anemia, serum sickness)
    • Interstitial nephritis
    • CNS seizures
  14. Describe the absorption of PCNs
    When do they reach peak concentrations?
    • Most are destroyed by gastric acid
    • They are absorbed in the duodenum and reach peak concentrations in 1-2 hours
  15. Describe how PCNs are eliminated
    • 70% are excreted by the kidneys
    • T1/2 approx 1 hour
  16. How does PCN resistance come about?
    • inactivation by various beta-lactamases
    • development of new PCN binding proteins that have decreased affinity for PCNs
  17. List the GM+ organisms covered by PCNs
    • Strep spp
    • Corynebacterium diptheriae
    • Listeria monocytogenes
  18. Lis the GM- organisms covered by PCNs
    • Neisseria meningitidis
    • Pasteurella multocida
  19. List the anaerobic organisms that PCNS cover
    • Actinomyces
    • Propionibacterium
    • Lactobacillus
    • Peptostreptococcus
    • Peptococcus
    • Clostridium spp
  20. PCNs are the drugs of choice for which conditions?
    All stages of syphilis and strep infectinos
  21. Name the PCNase resistant PCNs
    Oxacillin, nafcillin, dicloxacillin
  22. What organisms do PCNase resistant PCNs cover?
    What isn't covered?
    • Strep, staph, peptostreptococcus (better staph coverage than nl PCNS)
    • No GM-!!
  23. When do you dose adjust for the PCNase PCNs?
    severe hepatic impairment
  24. Name the two aminoPCNs
    Ampicillin, amoxacillin
  25. What are the drugs of choice against enterococcal infections?
    aminoPCNs (ampicillin, amoxacillin)
  26. Describe the aminoPCN stability around beta lacatamase
    not very beta-lactamase stable
  27. What drug class does ticarcillin belong to?
    carboxy PCNs
  28. What organisms does ticarcillin cover?
    • Gram-, esp. pseudomonas
    • Strep
    • Usual anaerobes
  29. What drug class does piperacillin belong to?
  30. What organisms does piperacillin cover?
    • Strep and enterococcus
    • GM-
    • Usual anaerobes PLUS BACTEROIDES
  31. Describe piperacillin's activity with staph
    NO ACTIVITY with staph
  32. Name the beta-lactamase inhibitors
    • Unasyn
    • Augmentin
    • Timentin
    • Zosyn
  33. Unasyn is a combo of:
  34. Augmentin is a combo of:
    amoxicillin clavulanate
  35. Timentin is a combo of:
    Ticarcillin clavulanate
  36. Zosyn is a combo of:
    piperacillin tazobactam
  37. How are the beta-lactamase inhibitors better than piperacillin?
    Improves GM- against H flu, M. cat, N. gonorrhea, as well as bacteroides
  38. Describe cephalosporin coverage of enterococcus
  39. What are ADRs to
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