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    • Holstein
    • Origins- Europe and the NetherlandsMarkings- White and black, white and redSize- Largest of the dairy breeds. Adults weigh around 1500 pounds at maturity.Personality- Bulls can be very aggressiveProduction-
    • High producing animals (highest of all dairy breeds). Normal productive
    • span is around 6 years (shorter span than a lot of other cows)
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    • Jersey
    • Origins- Island of Jersey (small British island off of the coast of France). Known in England since 1771.
    • Markings- Range in color from a very light gray to a very dark fawn may be solid colored or have a broken pattern solid fawn colored have black muzzle and deer eyes.
    • Size- Generally a small breed, around 800 pounds Americanized breeds can be larger (around 1200 pounds)
    • Personality- More nervous than other breeds but still fairly docile. Jersey bulls are known for having the worst temperament of the common cattle breeds.
    • Production- Considering size, productivity is good
    • produce milk with the highest milk fat %
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    • Guernsey
    • Origins- Dates back to 960 A.D. from the Isle of Guernsey off of the coast of France in the English Channel. First came to America in 1840
    • Size- Medium sized, brownish in color. Slightly
    • smaller than Holsteins
    • Personality- is gentle, docile and easy to manage
    • Production- Does well set out on pasture. Does
    • not consume as much as other breeds, econimical. Tolerates heat better than other breeds
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    • Brown Swiss
    • Origins- Switzerland. Prominent among dairy breeds in the first half of 19th century. Crossed
    • with a breed from Austria to improve line. First
    • came to US in 1869
    • Markings- Brown. May have a colored streak down the back (possible remnant of Austrian breed?)
    • Size- Medium. Slightly smaller than Holstein
    • Personality- Quiet temperament
    • Production- Hardy and good in all climates. Known
    • for having strong feet and legs
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    • Ayreshire
    • Origins- Ayr County Scotland prior to 1880. Believed to be a cross between many breeds and native cattle.
    • Markings- Redand white. Reds vary from very light to very dark. Patterns vary from almost all red to almost all white. Purebreds will only produce red and white offspring.
    • Size- Medium, weigh over 1200 pounds at
    • maturity. Same as Guernsey.
    • Production- Very hardy, do well in all sorts of
    • production settings. Calves are strong, easy to raise. Few breeds can match their ability to forage for themselves under adverse conditions.
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    • Milking Shorthorn
    • Origins- One of the oldest recognized breeds in the world. First imported to the US from England in 1783. Sometimes referred to as Durhams.
    • Markings- Red, red & white, white or roan
    • Size- Medium
    • Personality- Docile
    • Production- Very hardy, easy to keep. Calves are very strong and vigorous.
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    • Dutch Belted
    • Origins- Holland, 1750’s.
    • Markings- Dark with a white band through mid section.
    • Size- Medium
    • Personality-Quiet, gentle and friendly.
    • Production-Known for longevity.
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    • Angus
    • Origins- Old breed (over a thousand years) from Scottland.
    • Markings-Solid black, though a recessive gene can cause red. May have small amount of white on underline. Polled breed.
    • Size– Medium
    • Production- Because of being polled, they are used as a genetic dehorner. Popular Japanese beef source.
    • Used widely in crossbreeding to improve carcass quality and milking ability.
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    • Brahman
    • Origins- Considered the sacred cattle of India. Many Hindus will not eat their meat or allow them to be slaughtered.
    • Markings- Large hump over shoulders (Bos indicus
    • breed). Horns usually curve upwards. Have large dewlap and large, floppy ears. Secrete oily secretion that produces a musky odor. It is said that it repels insects. Vary in color from light gray to almost black. A majority of the breed is a light to medium gray.
    • Size- Medium size breed. Cows @ 1000-1400 lbs. , Bulls @1600 lbs.
    • Personality- Intelligent, inquisitive and shy. They
    • like affection, very docile. They grunt instead of moo.
    • Production-They withstand hot and humid weather. Resist insects well and produce a carcass with a good “cut out” value (not much outside fat).
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    • Beefmaster
    • Origins- Texas, around 1908. Cross between Brahman-Hereford and Brahman-Shorthorn. Bred
    • for beef production. Producers don’t care about color.
    • Markings- Multiple colors, but usually red. Horned.
    • Size- Large sized breed.
    • Personality-Good disposition.
    • Production-Beef only. Do well in a variety of conditions.
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    • Brangus
    • Origins- Cross between Brahman (3/8) and Angus (5/8) Started around 1932
    • Markings- Solid black or red, polled, small hump over withers, longer ears, loose hide.
    • Size-Medium
    • Production- Very hardy, productive for both beef and milk.
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    • Charolais
    • Origins- France, maybe as early as 878 A.D.
    • Markings- White with pink skin and muzzle.
    • Horned. Long bodied.
    • Size-Large sized breed. Mature bulls can weigh over 2500 lbs. Cows can come in around
    • 1250-2000 lbs. with or without horns.
    • Personality- Can be a little coarse.
    • Production- Bred to be larger animal than the British bred cattle. Seem to do well in a wide range of conditions
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    • Limousin
    • Origins- France. Cattle found in cave drawings over 20,000 years old resemble limousin cattle.
    • Markings- Golden-red, some are black.
    • Size-Large, males weigh up to and over 2000 lbs.
    • Females come in around 1400 lbs. Long body.
    • Production- Beef only. Most numerous beef breed in Britian.
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    • Hereford
    • Origins- England, Herefordshire County. Purebred
    • strain established in early 1700’s
    • Markings- Rust brown to deep rich red: Face, crest, dewlab, underline, switch, & legs below hocks are white. Long body.
    • Size- medium sized breed
    • Personality- Docile
    • Production- Does well in a wide range of pasture conditions –assimilates roughage well. Good Fertility
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    • Texas Longhorn
    • Origins- North America, Descendant from cattle first introduced to American soil 500 years ago. Product of “survival of the fittest” Nearly extinct until US government started protecting in 1927
    • Markings- Many shades, colors, & patterns. Long
    • horns. Mature, 15 yr. old steers have been know to have 9 foot horns…Average horn size is 4 feet or less.
    • Size- Medium: ranging from 800-15000 lbs.
    • Personality- Aggressive breed, very instinctual
    • Production- hardy and adaptable
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