Bovine Terms

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  1. Steer
    a male cow castrated before sexual maturity.
  2. Hobbles
    • to prevent a cow from wandering away
    • (mild)
  3. Squeeze Chute
    • provides the most effective method of restraint for cow
    • (maximum)
  4. Casting
    • place in lateral or sternal recumbency
    • (maximum)
  5. Nose Tongs
    • restraint device used to control head
    • (mild)
  6. Halter
    provides restraint of head and permits leading of halter broken cattle. (mild)
  7. Tail Jack
    provides restraint for examination or minor surgical procedures (mild)
  8. young female that has never given birth
  9. Newborn
  10. Cow
    Mature Female
  11. Bull
    Mature Male
  12. Milk Vein
    These provide major venous drainage of the udder. Never use as a veinapuncture.
  13. California Mastitis Test (CMT)
    Looking for inflammation in the uddder.
  14. Frick Speculum
    to hold the jaws open wide enough to enable the passage of the stomach tube down the throat.
  15. balling Gun
    to deliver solid meds to large animals orally.
  16. Foremilk
    relation to breastfeeding
  17. Drenching
    to administer internal oral parasite control
  18. Cow Kick
    to kick cranially using a hind limb
  19. Regurgitation
    a backward flowing of gastric or rumen contents w/o contraction of abdominal muscles.
  20. Calf Hutch
    housing for calfs
  21. Titillating
    Stimulate urination
  22. Normal TPR Values
    • •Temperature: 100.0° – 102.5°F
    • (101.5°F)
    • •Pulse: 60 – 80 BPM
    • •Respiration: 10 – 30 RPM
    • •Rumen Contractions: 2 – 3 Minute
    • (heard over paralumbar
    • fossa)
  23. 5 main sources of nutrients
    • 1. roughage
    • 2. carbohydrates
    • 3. protein source
    • 4. vitamins/minerals
    • 5. water
  24. Why is it important to be dehorned?
    So they don't get stuck in things and can't use to hurt each other or someone.
  25. Methods of dehorning?
    • chemical
    • electrical
    • manual

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