Anatomy and Physiology I

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  1. what is definiton of anatomy?
    scientific discipline that investigates the body's structure and relationship between body part and its function.
  2. developmental anatomy
    structural changes that occur between conception and adulthood.
  3. embrology
    subspecialty of developmental anatomy and considers changes from conception to the 8th week of development.
  4. cytology
    study of cells
  5. histology
    study of tissue
  6. gross anatomy
    study of structures that can be examined without the use of a microscope can be from systematic or regional.
  7. system or systematic anatomy
    group of structures that have one or more common functions, example cardiovascular, respiratory. studied as system by system.
  8. regional anatomy
    studied area by area example head, abdomen. studies all systems at once.
  9. surface anatomy
    study of external form of the body and its relation to deeper structure.
  10. anatomicial imaging
    xrays, mri, ultrsounds used to create image of internal structure.
  11. anatomicial anomalies
    physical characteristics that differ from normal pattern.
  12. physiology
    investigation of the processes or function of living things. often examines systems not regions.
  13. cell physiology
    examines process occuring in the cells.
  14. systemic physiology
    functions of organ systems.
  15. neurophysiology
    focuses on nervous system
  16. cardiovascular physiology
    deals with heart and blood vessels.
  17. pathology
    medical science dealing with all aspects of disease with an emphasis on cause and development of abnormal conditions and structural and functional changes resulting from disease.
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