MCAT Vocabulary 3 : Vocab Relevant to MCAT

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  1. adept
    a person who is exeptionally skilled at something

    Dr. K is adept at mathematics
  2. merely
    just, only

    You have to get good results from your project, not merely get results
  3. perusal
    reading with scrutiny

    a perusal of the MCAT passages usually reaveals why the claimed correct answers are in fact correct
  4. introspective
    to consider one's own internal state of feelings

    When the problem arouse in engineering, in introspection I said: Is this really what I want for me? For my future?
  5. selfless
    having little or no concern for oneself

    I am a selfless person. Everything that I do is for others: for my family, for my loved ones… But only once it's been only for me.
  6. vow
    a solemn promise

    marriage is a vow. when someone gets married, marriage in essence is a vow of faith and support, and love with, and for the other person.
  7. contention
    a stiving due to a contest, rivalry

    the contention to get into medical school is heavy given all the other super-qualified students competing for the same spots at top-notch schools
  8. devoid of
    not possessing

    prisoners are devoid of their liberty
  9. pilfered

    The pilfered pintado was taken by tio lucho.
  10. overture
    an introduction to semething more substantial

    Finding the Dostal paper was an overture regarding the real mechanics of the hip
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