Endocrine System Diseases

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  1. Dwarfism
    caused by hyposecretion of the somatotropic hormone prior to puberty (results in short statuture poor growth and failure to thrive)
  2. Achondroplasia
    most common form of dwarfism and is also caused by hyposecretion of somatropichormone prior to puberty
  3. Giantism
    a disorder of excess somatotropichormone production by the pituitary prior to epiphysial closure thereby causing long bones to continue to grow
  4. Acromegaly
    disorder of excess strototrpic hormone productionby the pituitary gland in adults (does not affect height
  5. Hyperthyroidism
    hypersecretionof the thyroid gland hormones

    *antithyroid drugs: radioactive iodine
  6. Simple goiter
    caused by lack of systemic iodine which causes a decrease in thyroxine
  7. graves disease
    • Overproduction of thyroxine
    • autoimmune response
  8. Hypothroidism
    • Simple Goiter
    • Grave's Disease
  9. congenital hypothyroidism
    occurs during a child neural development and is caused by untreated maternal hypothyrodism or prolonged nutrional deficiency of iodine

    • bystrophy of bones
    • Lowered basal metabolism
  10. Acquired Hypothyroidism
    Caused by surgical removal of thyroid, radioactive therapy or drugs that can cause thyroid toxicity
  11. Hashimito's thyroidism
    most common form of hypothyroidism caused by an auto immune response to the thyroid glands
  12. Drug Treatment of Hypothyroidism
    Drug Class: Thyroid Replacement principle treatment
  13. Drug Treatment of Hyperthyroidism
    Drug class: Thioamides
  14. Increased calcium ion concentration results to
    cardiac muscle spasm sluggish nerve transmission and kidney gall stones
  15. hyperparathyroidism
    usually caused by the growth of the tumor on one of the parathyroid glands
  16. Cushing disease
    • Hypersecretion of glucocoroticoids
    • Stimulates the adrenal cortex to produce glucocorticoids
    • "moon face"
    • "buffalo hump"
  17. Aldosteronism
    • hypersycretion of aldosterone leads to high blood pressure
    • mineralcocorticoids
  18. Hypersycretion Disorders of adrenal Cortex
    diseases include cushings disease and alderonism
  19. aldosterone
    causes water retention and increase the fluid volume in the body thereby blood voume and ultimately boold pressure
  20. Treatment for Adrenal Cortex Hyposecretion
  21. Hyposecretion of Adrenal Cortex......
    Hypoaldosterism and Addisons disesae
  22. Addisons disease
    • hyposycretion of the gluco and mineralocorticoids
    • low blood pressure
    • lethargy
    • eventually death!!!!
  23. Hypoaldosteronism
    hyposecretion of aldosterone which leads to hypotension.(causes opposte effect of aldosteronism)

    • Elimination of sodium
    • Retention of potassium by kidneys
  24. pheochromocytoma
    an adrenal gland disorder associated with a tumor or multiple tumors which will cause the excretion of excess amounts of catecholimines
  25. Hyperinsulinemia
    • an endocrine pancres disorder means there is too much iinsulin in the blood which results to hyperglycemia
    • high levels of glucose in the blood
  26. Diabetes Mellitus
    • a disorder of metabolism that involves glucose utilization.
    • chronic disorder in which the body can not properly convert food into energy
  27. type II diabetes
    adult onset important risk factor is obesity
  28. Type I diabetes
    • autoimmmune disease
    • total absence of inlsulin (occurs between 8-14yrs)
    • Symptoms: hyperglycemia, polyuria, polydipsia and polyphagia
  29. Gestational diabetes
    occurs only during pregnancy affects the way body uses glucose body unable to make and use all the insulinit needs for pregnancy.
  30. Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus
    • Sulfonylureas
    • Thiazolidinedions insulin
    • Alpha- glucosidase inhibitors
    • Biguanides
    • Megalitinides
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