MCAT Vocabulary 4 : Vocab Relevant to MCAT

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  1. dissent
    to differ in opinion, typically from the majority

    The girl became emo in order to dissent from the conservative views of her parents, and the values that she had been taught at home.
  2. overwhelm
    overcome, overpower completely in mind or feeling

    The Siemens manager overwhelmed me with questions during the phone interview in front of AT&T
  3. bode
    prediction of bad or good, depending on next word

    the break-up boded stormy days to come
  4. portend
    predict, indicate in advance

    The willingness of proffs to help me may portends that they trust my work and the outcome of our research
  5. adjourn

    When I found the discrepancy in the original origin points that we were using, I considered adjourning our meeting to a later time.
  6. hobnob
    to mix with those of higher social status

    Buddy's friend's mom taught him to hobnob every time he could. - The guy ended up taking some rich woman to lunch
  7. disguise
    To change appearance to conceal identity

    In caperucita roja (the little red riding hood) the wolf disguised as sheep to get into the heard.
  8. sequel
    a recorded work that continues the history of a previous one

    Odyssey is a sequel to the Illiad as it is the continuation
  9. extant

    Pichirilo is one of the few extant Ford A's in Colombia
  10. quarrel
    angry argument, dispute or disagreement

    ******* and ******* had a quarrel once, and even grand Ma had to intervene
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