local anes

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  1. what is the loss of sensation in a circumscribed area in the body called?
    local anesthesia
  2. t/f with local anes, the loss of sensation is done without loss of consciousness
  3. local anes causes the _______ of the _____ endings or inhibition of the _____ _____.
    • depression
    • nerve
    • conduction process
  4. what are the ten desirable properties of LA?
    • not irritate tissue
    • not cause permanent anes
    • low systemic toxicity
    • effectiveness
    • short onset
    • adequate duration for procedure
    • sufficient potency
    • low allergy
    • stable in a solution
    • sterile or capable of becoming so
  5. how does a local anes work?
    it prevents the impulse of pain from reaching the brain
  6. what two places does topical anes work?
    • NON-INTACT skin
    • MUCOUS membranes
  7. t/f diffusion of topical anes to free nerve endings is limited
  8. to increase the efficacy of topical anes, it is more ______ (benzocaine ___%)
    • concentrated
    • 20%
  9. what is the period from deposition of the anesthetic solution to complete conduction blockade called?
    induction time
  10. what two things will change induction time?
    • local anes concentration
    • pH
  11. when the procedure outlasts the anesthetic, what should be done?
  12. what is INCREASING TOLERANCE of a drug that is administered repeatedly called?
  13. longer anes such as bupivicaine are more _____ _____ to the nerve ________ than are shorting acting like lidocaine
    • firmly bound
    • membrane
  14. once anes is removed from the nerve, the function of the nerve returns _____ but then gradually _____
    • rapidly
    • slows
  15. anesthetic duration is increased in areas of ______ ______
    decreased vascularity
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