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  1. Rag(a)
    • Indian
    • melodic scale used for improvisation, each with distinct melodic character,
    • ornaments, and notes of emphasis; also, the system of melodic scales

    • literally “color” or “mood”

    • traditional associations
  2. Tal(a)
    • Indian
    • system of metric (temporal) organization

    • • organized around beats of emphasis, beats of “empty”
    • emphasis” and counts
  3. Vadi
    • note
    • or pitch of primary importance or emphasis in a rag
  4. Gamak
    • – a musical ornament (lit.
    • spice)
  5. Alap
    • Form
    • of Indian classical music; unmetered introductory exploration of a rag
  6. Gat
    • Form of Indian
    • classical music; metered section of music where a melody (in the rag of the
    • performance) is used as a basis for improvisation
  7. Bansri
    Indian reed flute
  8. Tambura (tampura)
    • a
    • drone four-stringed lute with gourd resonator used as a drone instrument
  9. sruti box
    • an electronic drone
    • (Indian)
  10. Sitar
    • long-necked lute with
    • gourd resonator used in northern India
  11. Table
    • Indian
    • Percussion Instrument; pair of two small membranophones used in northern India
  12. Bol
    • syllable
    • used for drum sounds
  13. filmi sangeet
    • film
    • song; songs from India’s movie musicals
    • industry centered in Mumbai (formerly Bombay)

    • Bollywood

    • • mass entertainment rooted in
    • earlier traditional forms (dance, plays, puppetry)
  14. playback singer
    • – sings
    • who record songs for the actos
    • •versatile, multi-lingual


    •Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle
  15. Lata Mangeshkar
    • one
    • of Indians most well known and respected playback singers, elder sister of Asha Bhosle
  16. A.R. Rahman
    • Indian film composer,
    • record producer, and musician. Composed for Lagaan, for which he won the Rajat Kamal (Silver Lotus) award for
    • Best Music Director at the National Film Awards
    • Lagaan

    •Released 2001

    •first Bollywood film nominated for Academy Award
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