Substance Related Disorder

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  1. Substance Use Disorders
    • Abuse - these are viewed as less severe, continue use knowing it is causing harm (does not apply to caffeine and nicotine)
    • Dependence - needs to take larger amounts with unsuccessful attempts to quit.
  2. Substance Induced Disorders
    Intoxication - the development of a substance specific (reversible) syndrome, condition related to recent ingestion of psychoactive substance.

    Withdrawal - maladaptive cogntive and behavioral; declines due to reduction of a substance; generally, this category is usually associated with dependency. The two substance most problematic in withdrawla are alcohol and heroin.
  3. Substances are associated with:
    • Abuse
    • Dependence
    • Intoxication
    • Withdrawal
  4. There are Eleven classes of Substances:
    • 1. alcohol
    • 2. amphetamines
    • 3. caffeine
    • 4. hallucinogens
    • 5. inhalants
    • 6. nicotine
    • 7. opioids
    • 8. phencyclidine (PCP)
    • 9. sedatives
    • 10. hypnotics
    • 11. anxiolytics

    In polysubstance dependence criteria for dependence is not met, the client abuses more than one substance and takes them together.

    Always list the substances when it is known.
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