MCAT Vocabulary 7 : Vocab Relevant to MCAT

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  1. bout
    short period of intense activity of a certain kind

    one undergoes a bout of pain when getting a vaccine injected.
  2. usher
    one who is employed to escort people to their seats

    The usher at a Disney show once escorted us to the exit!
  3. pore
    to be absorbed by the reading or study of:

    Premeds pore over MCAT books in hopes to learn everything and perform great in the test :P
  4. leeway
    the amount of freedom to move or act that is available. The margin of safety

    The leeway in the speed limit is usually 5mph
  5. lust
    an emotional force associated with fantasizing about a desire, usually sexual

    You may come up with your own example for this one
  6. acquitted
    Free someone from criminal charge

    Anthony was acquitted in July of the murder her daughter.
  7. debutante
    a Young upper-class woman making a formal debut into society

    The debutante quinceañera danced the vals (do you mean waltz?) at the party.
  8. appeasing
    Satisfying someone's demmands.

    Chris stua and Ivan appeased me, thus I bought my car from them
  9. confederate
    an accomplice; a person one works with in something illegal

    Back in El Bosque, Emiliio said that I was Parra's accomplice during the room stuff, when in fact I didn't do anything
  10. impostor
    a person that pretends to be someone else in order to decieve others for fraudulent gain

    Back in Colombia the impostor entered our house pretending to be someone that my mom had sent to measure walls
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MCAT Vocabulary 7 : Vocab Relevant to MCAT
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